Sol-Ark 12K All in one inverter offers best price and options

Sol-Ark 12K leading innovation

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“Sol-Ark 12K leading innovation” is not just a slogan used at the Texas headquarters, we truly strive for it everyday, while keeping innovation affordable for families. The Sol-Ark All-In-One Hybrid inverter just got even better. Meet the new 12K or rather the 8K (version 1.5). The 12K has the features you love about the 8K like 20K peak power and …

UL 1741 SA Rule 21 and HECO Approved

Bhawna Oberoi Best efficiency, Best value, Federal solar incentives, Reduce electric Bills, solar Technology, State Incetives for Solar

UL 1741 SA Rule 21 and HECO compliance has been approved for the Sol-Ark 8K. This approval has been a long time coming as we all know things move slowly in bureaucracy. Initially we at Sol-Ark didn’t like the idea of the electric utility using your batteries to balance the grid during high usage times. After much debate and praying …

How to Claim the Federal 30% tax credit for Installing Solar

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Awesome, easy to follow instructions on how you can claim your 30% tax credit for installing solar power… hurry! Form 5695 instructions: the 3 steps to claim the solar tax credit Determine if you are eligible for the Federal ITC – make sure you credit for ownership and that federal tax liability are in order Complete IRS Form 5965 to …