Leading Companies Lead with Sol-Ark

Driving Energy Resilience for Commercial

L3 Series LimitLess Lithium™
Battery Energy Storage System
with Native 208V and 480V Options
Offers Scalable Energy Storage
from 40kWh to 9.6 MWh

Commercial Energy Storage Solutions

Sol-Ark® commercial energy storage systems help unlock energy resilience and independence for commercial and industrial businesses. Meet your renewable energy goals, decarbonize and drive sustainability, and power your business with future-proof energy storage technology that can effortlessly expand for your business demands.

Commercial Hybrid Inverters

Maximize your energy ROI, minimize complexity and compatibility issues, and expand your building’s power generation capacity with modular solar inverters that can scale up over time. The Sol-Ark® 30K-3P-208V and 60K-3P-480V are made for light or heavy commercial and industrial businesses.

Take control of your energy with
real-time intelligent monitoring and diagnostics

Reduce Energy Costs

Ensure Uninterrupted Operations

Protect Data and Essential Loads

Meet Company Decarbonization Goals

Hardware for
Every Job Site

Whether it’s new construction, solar retrofit, site expansion, electric vehicles, or batteries only, Sol-Ark commercial energy storage solutions provides hardware solutions for your entire fleet.

Owners of commercial and industrial buildings who aim to optimize solar self-consumption and enable electric vehicle charging can unlock significant business and revenue opportunities through energy storage.

Advanced software for monitoring and savings
Scalable backup power
Fleet-level design flexibility
Includes grid relay, controller, and fire suppression

Future Proof.
Battery Technology
for Today
and Tomorrow.

Battery technology is constantly evolving. Sol-Ark’s industry leading architecture is purpose-built for pairing the best battery for the solution—today and in the future.

Sol-Ark’s Versatile Platform Enables Simple Expansion and Integration

Case Studies

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San Francisco Nursery 

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