We Build the Best & the Most Innovative Solar Battery Hybrid Systems

Our Story

To build the best in solar generators, our company was formed by many engineers who specialize in solar, electrical, mechanical, and nuclear engineering. Together, we have rewritten the book on solar generators. We design our own patent pending electronics and systems that are tested on automated test stations. The Sol-Ark system was named “The most well thought out solar generator on the market” in 2016.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to continue making the most reliable, innovative, affordable solar storage solutions to protect families and their businesses.

Tom Brennan

As the CTO of the company, Tom has led us all the way. His attention to detail and constant innovation has kept Sol-Ark the leaders in solar technology. Tom is a lead by example kind of guy. His knowledge, as well as his honesty in the solar industry is unsurpassable. Keeping families first is Tom’s number one priority and that is what makes him so special. His faith and passion makes Tom the strong leader that we rely on everyday. 

Bhawna Oberoi

Our COO, “B” as we affectionately call her is always on the go. From sunup to sundown, her energy is like no other. She keeps Sol-Ark running at 150% and expects that of everyone. Brutally honest as well as respectful, she is always caring of our valued employees as well as customers. Her humor and quick wit is what makes her unique. No matter what the situation, she will always be there to assist.  As a veteran herself, she is the kind of leader that drives us to be the best we can be. 

american-made solar prize

Veteran owned, Texas Engineered


Selected as a leader in innovation as a finalist in the Energy Awards 2018- International competition!

Our Sol-Ark solar generators are EMP proof, affordable, easy to install, powerful, portable and expandable.

See how they compare to popular systems by Electriq, Tesla, Humless, Generac, and Outback. You’ll see how the Sol-Ark Inverters are a better option – we’re sure of it!

We also designed patented self-storing adjustable angle mounts for solar panels to harness 10-15% more solar energy. Furthermore, we wanted to make sure the complete Sol-Ark system could be installed by the homeowner to save cost of installation.

As our final contribution, we built EMP generators for testing. Over 8 months of testing was needed to test the Solar Flare / EMP Hardening design to assure it would hold up when needed. Our EMP Hardening is modeled after military designs that protect the system, solar panels, and your appliances while in use. One of our engineers tested solar systems and panels at White Sands N.M. EMP test range. You can download the third party testing report here.

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