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Use the form below to schedule your Sol-Ark® software update to make your hybrid inverter has the latest version of software available.

Latest Sol-Ark Inverter Software Versions Available:

  • Comms: 143F – All Sol-Ark® Hybrid Inverter Systems
  • MCU: 5382 – 5K-1P (5K-120V/8K-230V-1P)
  • MCU: 4222 – 5K-2P (Sol-Ark-5K-48-ST)
  • MCU: 5222 – 8K-2P (Sol-Ark-8K-48-ST)
  • MCU: 6222 – 12K-2P (Sol-Ark-12K-P)
  • MCU: 7222 – 15K-2P(Limitless 15K-LV)

Please note: software Updates may take anywhere between 15-45 minutes (depending on internet speeds), and as the update finalizes, the inverter(s) will momentarily turn off for 2-5 minutes. If you have multiple inverters, there is a slight chance that multiple outages may occur sequentially. 

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