NEM 3.0

What is Net Metering?

Net-Metering policies govern how utilities pay solar array owners for electricity exported onto the grid.
Traditional net-metering assumed an even trade for solar production, whereas NEM 3.0 puts a significant time value on
solar energy exports.

The adoption of net metering 3.0 (Net Billing) in California marks a major shift in the economics of residential solar. With lower compensation rates for exported electricity, battery storage is now essential to make solar projects financially viable.
As an established leader in hybrid inverters, Sol-Ark is well prepared to help installers navigate this transition.

Under NEM 3.0, adding a battery to solar is the ONLY way to significantly reduce a homeowner’s electric bill

Utility Bill Offset

With a solar-only system, homeowners have limited control over when they can use their solar energy, and only solar power consumed on site offers any real savings.

With a battery-only system, expensive peak energy can be replaced by cheaper off-peak energy.
Combining both solar and batteries under NEM 3.0 offers maximum bill reductions and includes low cost options prioritizing savings over backup power.

NEM 3.0 Power Hours

For example, August and September 6pm-8pm PV-to-Grid export value is worth significantly above retail value compared to traditional net-metered systems.

Battery-optimized systems increase savings further by avoiding peak rates throughout the year to reduce the cost of grid electricity.

NEM 3.0 Settings Can Be Programmed Easily on a
Sol-Ark LCD Touch Screen or Online

Early mornings in August and September, the battery is discharged to 5% and then charged to 100% by solar. Between 6pm–8pm the battery will sell back power to the grid to maximize NEM 3.0 credits. The grid will maintain the battery at 20% overnight. Other settings are programmed for other seasons to optimize the electric rate structure. 

Sol-Ark Solutions Are Future Proof and NEM 3.0 Ready

Two-season time of use and grid export control
Shedding of loads based on battery percentage
Integration with virtual power plants

Sol-Ark Offers Two NEM 3.0 Solutions Designed Specifically to Meet Homeowner Energy Goals

Residential Backup Power
Reduce Your Home's Electricity Bill with Sol-Ark Residential Energy Storage Solutions

Sol-Ark Solutions Are Flexible and Expandable