sol-ark 8K Hybrid inverter

Sol-Ark All-in-one Solar Generator

Hybrid Inverter Reduces Costs 50%+

Boosts PV energy 10-20% without increasing PV array size and reduces storage inverter costs up to 30%

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sol-ark energy storage inverter award

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Victron vs SMA vs 12K

Sol-Ark 12K vs Pika vs SolarEdge

Sol-Ark vs Schneider vs Outback (New)

Parallel Skybox vs Radian vs Sol-Ark 12K

Sol-Ark vs Traditional Generators

Sol-Ark vs Schneider vs Outback (4kW)

Tesla vs Sonnen vs Sol-Ark 12K

Sol-Ark Install (2017)

Remote Monitoring App

Customize your system

Sol-Ark is expandable to fit your needs. Try our customization tool to make Sol-Ark your ark.

Build Your Own Sol-Ark 8K

Brochure & Specifications

Want more details and see the inner workings of the Sol-Ark 8K ?

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Approved for: UL1741SA Rule 21, HECO & Canada

PREPA Approved for Puerto Rico

120/240 & 208V
best solar inverter
  • Next Generation Efficiency

    3X Better! Only 4% losses vs. 14% in today’s battery based systems

  • Split Phase

    Sol-Ark 8K pumps out power just like the grid, allowing you to power 120V and 240V appliances simultaneously

  • Grid Tied, Hybrid, or Off-Grid

    Manages power from Solar, Battery, Grid, Load, and Generator simultaneously

  • Flexible

    Sol-Ark is expandable from 5 to 36 (11 kW) solar panels and 0-32 batteries.

  • 5-Year Standard Warranty

    10-Year extended warranty available

Color Touchscreen

Touchscreen interface as easy to understand as your phone. Simultaneously manages power to/from Solar Panels, Batteries, Grid, Load, and Generator.

Monitor your Solar from anywhere

Sol-ark Can monitor by phone, Tablet or computer

See how the Sol-Ark 8K compares with other brands

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    I am very happy with my Sol-Ark unit. It is working great. The unit installed easily (by my husband) and customer service was fantastic. I can honestly say that Sol-Ark has the best customer service of any company we have dealt with. One time my husband called them at 8 pm thinking he’d leave a message – but they answered the phone! The staff is very professional and knowledgeable. They stand behind their products and they truly care about their customers.            Thanks Sol-Ark!

    Renee and Dave Richmond

    August 16, 2018

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    “With Sol-Ark, you will have peace of mind with “the most well thought out solar generator on the market.” “Not just EMP resistant – it’s actually EMP Hardened!” (Scott Hunt-about the 3K in 2017)

    “The Sol-Ark 8k continues to impress us. We have installed 7 units and 3 more are scheduled.  We have helped a lot of folks achieve their goals of energy independence and protection from any type of EMP event.”

    – 2/19-Scott Hunt (Engineer775)

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    The Sexiest Solar + Storage inverter advances in handling PV, Grid and Battery connections is DC Transformerless…Sol-Ark is a new inverter on the block (or Grid, I suppose) that gives us the Flexibility without losing efficiency.  On average, Sol-Ark needs 10-15% less solar panels and 5-30% less storage. That is serious Savings!

    Chris Crowell, Managing Editor “Solar Builder Magazine”

    Grid Neutral; “How this DC Transformerless Inverter brings affordable off-grid power to the grid”

    Nov-Dec 2018-Print (Jan, 14 2019-Digital)

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Sol-Ark is a DIY friendly system that saves you $$$$ … if you want a professional install, we do that too-just call us!

What kind of batteries do we use?

Partial Charge Carbon AGM PCC-230

  • No Maintenance

    No watering required and no Off-Gassing

  • Best Bang-for-the-Buck

    PCC batteries have the lowest cost per cycle of any commercially available battery type, including lithium!

  • Long Lasting

    Lasts 7+ years @ 50% DoD / 12+ years @ 30% DoD

Our panels last for 30+ years, are self cleaning, and handle baseball sized hail

What kind of solar panels do we use?

Ultra-Efficient Solar Panels

  • Long lasting

    Our panels are rated to last for over 30 years

  • Tough

    Resistant to baseball-sized hail and are self-cleaning

  • Best Bang-for-the-Buck

    Our panels offer a perfect balance between cost and performance

  • Powerful

    310 Watt 60 cell panels (>19% efficiency)

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OUR MISSION: Sol-Ark (Portable Solar LLC) is a Veteran owned engineering company with the mission of helping families be less dependent on our vulnerable Power Grid in an affordable way.
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sol-ark veteran owned

* Prices may vary depending on use case- These sample prices subject to change depending on Battery (PCC 200 vs 230). Call for current pricing

*Sample Complete System Packages



Average 10-year net cost
  • 1 Sol-Ark 8K
  • 16 Panels
  • 4 PCC  Batteries
  • Medium Wire package
  • Transfer Switch
  • EMP Hardening (add $1200)
  • Roof Mounts
  • Rapid Shutdown
  • Shipping
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Average 10-year net cost
  • 1 Sol-Ark 8K
  • 36 Panels
  • 16 PCC Batteries
  • Max Wire package
  • Transfer Switch
  • EMP Hardening (add $1200)
  • Roof Mounts
  • Rapid Shutdown
  • Shipping
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$16,000-$19,000 Up Front (Medium)

- Federal Tax Credit

- 10-Year Electric Bill Savings

= $2,657 Average 10-year net cost

$22,000-$26,000 Up Front (Large)

- Federal Tax Credit

- 10-Year Electric Bill Savings

= $1,731 Average 10-year net cost

$30,000-$36,000 Up Front (EX-L)

- Federal Tax Credit

- 10-Year Electric Bill Savings

= $2,356 Average 10-year net cost

Sol-Ark EMP hardened

Sol-Ark EMP and Lightning Protection 

EMP hardened Sol-Ark 8K handles over 140 blasts of EMP up to 100 KV per meter! You guys asked for it and we delivered. Many of you have known that we build and test our products with our very own EMP generators. Last week we used an independent test lab in Plano Texas to get 3rd party verification for the Sol-Ark 8K EMP Hardening. The pictures above show Sol-Ark 8K running with batteries and Solar Panels. We will be publishing the actual report on our website as soon as it becomes available from the Testing institution. Here is the Official Findings from our Engineers: On May 8th 2018, NTS Testing and Certification Services verified the Sol-Ark 8K Solar Generator withstood >100KV/m EMP while in use. The Sol-Ark 3K used 4 technologies and was tested to withstand MIL-STD-461G specifications of >50KV/m. The Sol-Ark 8K uses 6 technologies of protection. 100KV/m was the limit of NTS test equipment. The same 8K unit was pulsed over 140 times with 3 axis of rotations without impact. Sol-Ark EMP Suppression system protected the Sol-Ark 8K, solar panels, and electronic appliances plugged into it.

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