Future Proof Smart
Energy Storage Systems

Thousands of industry leading companies are using
Sol-Ark’s Commercial Battery Energy Storage Solutions to:

  • Reduce Energy Costs
  • Build Energy Resilience
  • Meet Decarbonization Goals

What Energy Challenges Can We Help You Solve?

A Global Energy Technology Leader with Over 6 Generations of Hybrid Inverters

Leading Companies Lead with Sol-Ark

A track record of results. For over a decade,
Sol-Ark has been solving complex energy challenges with innovation and technology.

Trusted by global Fortune 50 companies, industry leading defense organizations, and the largest space agency in the world.

Powered by a vast ecosystem including thousands of distributors, installers, EPCs, integrators, and battery manufacturers.

Reduce Energy Costs

Maximize energy savings by leveraging arbitrage and time-of-use pricing advantages. Charge the battery when electricity prices are low (“off-peak”) and discharge when electricity prices are high (“on-peak”)

Reduce demand charges with peak shaving

Sell excess energy back to the grid

Maximize ROI on energy assets

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SolarInstallersebpBuild Energy Resilience

Improve energy resilience with Sol-Ark's Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS). A BESS will provide backup power, smooth out fluctuations in renewable energy generation and reduce dependence on the main grid. Sol-Ark EMP solutions are 2X military grade.

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Meet Decarbonization Goals

Combine renewable energy sources and reduce carbon emissions.
Provide a charging infrastructure for electric vehicles (EVs) with a Battery Energy Storage System. This can help reduce emissions associated with transportation and support the transition
to a low-carbon electrification of transportation system.

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SolarInstallerswebp-3Ensure Uninterrupted Operations

Ensure uptime with a Battery Energy Storage System. Be prepared and always ready for unexpected power outages and the most important missions. About 98% of organizations claim only one hour of downtime costs over $100,000.

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L3Series Limitless Lithium™:
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Choose from a line of hybrid inverters that include whole-home backup

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