Future Proof Smart
Energy Storage Systems

Thousands of industry leading companies are reducing energy costs, building energy resilience, and meeting decarbonization goals with Sol-Ark’s
Commercial Battery Energy Storage Solutions

A Global Energy Technology Leader with Over 6 Generations of Hybrid Inverters

What Energy Challenges Can We Help You Solve?

Reduce Energy Costs

Maximize energy savings by leveraging arbitrage and time-of-use pricing advantages. Charge the battery when
electricity prices are low (“off-peak”) and discharge when electricity prices are high (“on-peak”)

Reduce demand charges with peak shaving

Sell excess energy back to the grid

Maximize ROI on energy assets

Build Energy Resilience

Improve energy resilience with Sol-Ark's Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS). A BESS will provide
backup power, smooth out fluctuations in renewableSolarInstallersebp energy generation and reduce dependence on the main grid. Sol-Ark EMP solutions are up to 2X military standard.

Meet Decarbonization Goals

Combine renewable energy sources and reduce carbon emissions.
Provide a charging infrastructure for electric vehicles (EVs) with a Battery Energy Storage System.This can help reduce emissions associated with transportation and support the transition to a low-carbon electrification of transportation system.

Ensure Uninterrupted Operations

Ensure uptime with a Battery Energy Storage System. Be prepared and always ready for unexpected power outages and theSolarInstallerswebp-3

most important missions. About 98% of organizations claim only one hour of downtime costs over $100,000.





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