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Sol-Ark and Costco Wholesale Case Study

Costco Wholesale

In January 2024, Sol-Ark® deployed a state-of-the-art off-grid electrified charging station at Costco Wholesale’s warehouse and distribution facility in Mira Loma, California.
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Decarbonizing Pinder Tile

In response to escalating operational costs, including a staggering $258,000 annual diesel expenditure, Pinder Tile, the premier supplier of tile in the Bahamas, sought a sustainable and cost-effective energy solution.
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San Francisco DPW’s First Street Tree Nursery

The Street Tree Nursery is a project led by the Department of Public Works to grow San Francisco’s urban forest, combat climate change and support career pathways for community members.
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Sol-Ark® Powering Off-Grid Bahamas Island Home

In a remote area of the Bahamas, an innovative off-grid solar solution has been implemented to power a residential home entirely, eliminating the high costs and environmental impact associated with running a full-time diesel generator.
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Belize Chicken Processing Plant

In a pioneering move for the poultry industry, a chicken processing facility has adopted an off-grid, three-phase solar energy system to operate independently of the traditional power grid.
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