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L3 Series

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Commercial Energy Solutions

L3 Series Lithium Battery Energy Storage Systems Offer:

Increased Uptime & Reliability: Provides reliable energy backup power during grid outages, ensuring business continuity and minimizing downtime.

Energy Cost Savings: Reduce energy bills by enabling peak shaving, demand charge management, and time-of-use (TOU) optimization.

Indoor & Outdoor Scalable Design: The modular and flexible design allows for easy expansion as energy needs grow, ranging from 40kWh up to 9.6MWh

Additional Revenue Streams: Allows commercial and industrial businesses to sell unused energy back to the grid

Enhanced Safety Built-In: Includes built-in aerosol fire suppression system in both module and cabinet.

Enable EV Charging Deployment: Helps manage fast charging site capacity constraints with electric vehicle adoption, while also unlocking new value streams from demand response participation.

L3 LimitLess Lithium BESS Outdoor Cabinet

Trusted by Fortune 50 Companies to Reduce Energy Costs, Decarbonize and Drive Energy Resilience

The Sol-Ark® L3 Series Lithium™ battery energy storage system (BESS) offers scalability, reliability, and energy resilience essential for modern commercial and industrial operations. It’s a future-proof battery technology solution for today and tomorrow. The L3 Series is an ideal solution for commercial and industrial businesses with high energy demands, from large retailers and asset intensive manufacturing plants to critical data centers, electric vehicle charging stations, and large-scale farms. 

L3 Series LimitLess™ Lithium Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESSs) Include Safety Architecture to Protect Critical Infrastructure and Ensure System Safety

L3 LimitLess Lithium Fire Suppression

Built-In, Aerosol-Based Fire Suppression in Cabinet and Modules

L3 Series LimitLess Lithium HVAC Temp Control

Integrated Air Conditioner for Temperature Control

L3 Series Built-In Sprinkler Systems

Avoid Unecessary Investments in Additional Sprinkler Systems

Intelligent, Smart Technology Integration

Intelligent EMS, BMS and Hybrid Inverter Technology

L3 Series Product Documents

Reliability: What makes Sol-Ark® stand out?

Over a decade of experience delivering hybrid inverters to diverse customers across the US and abroad.

Rigorous testing and certification to UL standards for both the battery modules and final assembly.

An inverter or battery is only as reliable as its individual parts. Sol-Ark uses the best Tier-1 OEM suppliers in the industry to ensure quality.

Series Certifications

UL 1973 (battery module safety)

UL 9540 (system level operability)

UL 9540A (large scale system fire testing)

UL 1741 and supplements (inverter and grid interaction)

NFPA 855 compliance (9540A installation conditions, fire

L3 Series Warranty

10 Year Hardware Warranty

10 Year Performance Warranty

◉  US Based Parts and Service

Performance: What can the system do?

L3 Series + 30K & 60K Inverters

30kW / 60kW AC Off-Grid Output Capacity

200A Rated Grid/Gen Port

Seamless 5ms Transfer Time

Built-in System Controls

30K-3P-208V Commercial Hybrid Inverter Benefits and Features

Modular Outdoor & Indoor Solutions

L3 HV Outdoor: Up to 6 inverters / 36 battery cabinets

30k: 180kWac / 2.2 MWh / 234kWd-180kWac PV

60k: 360kWac / 2.2 MWh / 468kWdc – 360kWac PV

L3 HV Indoor: Up to 10 inverters / 160 battery cabinets
30k: 300kWac / 6.4MWh / 390kWdc – 300kWac PV
60k: 600kWac / 9.6MWh / 780kWdc – 600kWac PV

Monitor, Manage and
Control Energy Use with

Accelerating the Path to Decarbonization

“We consistently choose Sol-Ark inverters, and now we are also utilizing Sol-Ark high voltage batteries due to the thoughtful design and seamless integration into commercial installations they provide."

 “With Sol-Ark solutions, we find we have fewer lost production hours, faster code-compliant installations and minimal service calls. Their 7 days a week Tech Support is outstanding. I believe Sol-Ark is the industry standard for current and future solar manufacturers, dealers and installers”

Daryl Dejoy, President, Island Energy Storage

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