Engineered for Maximum Energy Production

Sol-Ark® 60K-3P-480V
Commercial Hybrid Inverter 

Sol-Ark 60K-3P-480V Commercial Hybrid Inverter
Reduce Energy Costs and Meet Company Decarbonization Goals

Reduce Energy Costs, Decarbonize,
Drive Energy Resilience ​   ​

60K-3P-480V Commercial Inverter
Features & Benefits

Engineered for Large Commercial & Industrial Businesses: Native 277/480V 3 phase output simplifies installation and reduces complexity for larger commercial and industrial buildings.

AC & DC Coupling Capability: Supports both AC and DC coupling, enabling seamless integration with existing solar PV systems and new arrays that simplify commercial installations.

Modular & Scalable Energy: Modular and flexible design allowing for easy expansion from 40kWh to 9.6 MWh to accommodate growing energy needs; up to 10 inverters in parallel + 16 batteries per inverter.

Seamless Backup Power: Provides reliable blazing fast 5ms transfer and backup power during grid outages, ensuring business continuity; 200A grid pass-through for simple grid-tied and backup applications.

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