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Sol-Ark® 30K-3P-208V Commercial Hybrid Inverter 

Sol-Ark 30K-3P-208V Commercial Hybrid Inverter

30K-3P Commercial Inverter Features & Benefits

AC & DC Coupling Capability: Supports both AC and DC coupling, enabling seamless integration with existing solar PV systems and new arrays that simplify commercial installations.

Modular & Scalable Energy: Modular and flexible design allowing for easy expansion from 30kW to 300kW to accommodate growing energy needs; up to 10 inverters in parallel + 16 batteries per inverter.

Seamless Backup Power: Provides reliable blazing fast 5ms transfer and backup power during grid outages, ensuring business continuity; 200A grid pass-through for simple grid-tied and backup applications.

Easy Installation without the Transformer for Light Commercial: Native 120/208V 3 phase output simplifies installation for most light commercial buildings.

30K-3P-208V Commercial Hybrid Inverter Benefits and Features

30K-3P-208V Product Documents

Whole Site Backup: 200A-2000A

400A-208V Backup 600A-208V Backup 800A-208V Backup

Sol-Ark Commercial Energy Solutions are Flexible, Scalable, and Purpose-Built to Solve Complex Energy Challenges for Key Industry Verticals

Reduce Energy Cost, Simplify Installation and Decarbonize

Reduce Demand Charges with Peak Shaving

The Sol-Ark® 30K-3P-208V commercial hybrid inverter is a powerful and versatile commercial energy storage solution specifically designed for light commercial and industrial businesses. It helps commercial building owners reduce high demand charges by optimizing solar energy usage, shaving peak demand charges, and participating in grid services programs for additional revenue. 

Simplify and Lower Installation Cost

Enable seamless integration, simplify installations, and lower installation cost with its AC and DC coupling capability to existing solar photovoltaic (PV) arrays or new arrays. The native 120/208V 3 phase output helps reduce installation complexity for most light commercial businesses. With its modular and flexible design, it allows businesses to easily expand solar power generation from 30kW up to 300kW to meet growing business energy needs and demands.  

Meet Sustainability

Enjoy seamless 5ms transfer and backup power during grid outages, ensuring business continuity. Not only will you meet critical corporate renewable energy goals to help drive sustainability efforts, but with MySol-Ark advanced controls and monitoring, your business can monitor in real-time for optimal system performance and fleet management. Standard 10-year warranty. 

Sol-Ark’s GUI. Simple to Program. Solving Complex Energy Challenges

Monitor and Manage Your Energy from Anywhere

  • Automate business backup​
  • Optimize demand response with Peak Shaving​
  • Analyze how much energy was made, used, stored and sold back to the grid​
  • Check the health of the battery​
  • Remote commissioning and settings adjustmen

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