Smart Whole Home Backup, 24/7
from the Industry Leader

Sol-Ark's Sixth Generation of Hybrid Inverters

Residential Energy Storage - Whole Home Backup

Whole Home

  • Combined battery plus solar power handling of 15kW
  • A true whole home back-up in one box. Handles high (current or inductive) loads such as HVAC units and well pumps
Hybrid Inverter 200A Grid Passthrough

200A Grid Pass Through

  • Built-in to allow for cleaner, faster system installations. Eliminates the need to choose essential loads and route through a sub-panel​
  • Less wiring needed​
  • Fewer components simplify installation and reduce costs
Residential Energy Storage Solutions 2x surge protection

2X Surge

  • Inverter can handle sudden increases in power and supports a surge up to 24kW for up to 10 seconds​​
  • Handles heavy motors and inductive loads, including well pumps, HVAC & compressors
Dedicated Generator Passthrough

Dedicated Generator Pass Through

  • Incorporate a permanent or temporary generator system at any time with minimal wiring and low complexity​
  • Get redundant back-up power with generator integration, the convenience of not having to physically start/stop generator and reduce fuel consumption
Seamless Grid to Off-Grid Transfer Time

5MS Transfer Time

  • “No Glitch” seamless switching from grid to off-grid.

Maximize Energy Savings with Time of Use Rates

Simple Turnkey Solutions

Solving Complex Energy Challenges

Energy Resilience. Delivered.

Residential Backup Power
Reduce Your Home's Electricity Bill with Sol-Ark Residential Energy Storage Solutions

Sol-Ark’s Solutions
are Flexible and Expandable

Future Proof Your System Through Battery Choice

Batteries wear out faster than inverters, and battery technology is still evolving. Sol-Ark’s platform includes your pick of UL9540 battery partners, enabling modern battery features today with easy 48V replacement down the road.

A Selection of Our Industry Leading Battery Partners

Safety. Security. Outage Ready.

The Leader in Off-Grid


  • Supports both AC and DC coupled solar integration​​
  • Enables seamless integration of AC power sources including micros, string inverters, wind, and hydro that may be better suited to site requirements


  • From a single inverter to up to 10X in parallel, your site can scale and expand over time​
  • Accommodates system sizing and budgets from single-family homes, cottages to entire resorts 8-90kW in 240/208VAC


  • Flexibility with energy storage to suit your preference and your budget (Lead to Lithium)
  • Closed-Loop integration with major lithium battery manufacturers


  • By separating battery and inverter, you can expand battery capacity without adding the expense of an inverter​
  • Competitors have the battery and inverter integrated together; meaning, you always get 13.5kWh per 5kW even if it’s sub-optimal

Grid-Tied or Off-Grid. We've got you covered.