UL 1741 SA Rule 21 and HECO Approved

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UL 1741 SA Rule 21 and HECO compliance has been approved for the Sol-Ark 8K.

This approval has been a long time coming as we all know things move slowly in bureaucracy. Initially we at Sol-Ark didn’t like the idea of the electric utility using your batteries to balance the grid during high usage times. After much debate and praying we decided that more good was going to come out of getting the compliance than not. We are now able to offer Sol-Ark 8K to not only California and Hawaii customers, but to some other states who have initiated similar practices.  Many states even offer incentives to customers who have solar plus storage.

So what goes into the testing anyways? UL 1741 SA and Rule 21 enhance anti-island testing to ensure PV systems disconnect when required. The Sol-Ark 3K system didn’t sell back to the Grid so we didn’t have to worry about any back feeding if the power was out. No one wants to hurt the lineman trying to bring the power back up.  Many of our California and Hawaii customers have been using the zero net export feature while waiting for compliance.

Sol-Ark is a very safe and the most efficient hybrid Grid supportive system around. You can get 120/240V or even 208V for those commercial jobs needing server backup; all from the same Sol-Ark 8K Inverter system (4ms Transfer time!)

Here is a list of some of tests that are done for UL 1741 SA Rule 21 and HECO compliance:

  • Anti-islanding
  • Low/High Voltage Ride Through
  • Low/High-Frequency Ride Through
  • Must Trip Test
  • Ramp Rate (Normal & Soft-Start)
  • Specified Power Factor
  • Volt/Var Mode
  • Frequency Watt
  • Volt Watt

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