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Sol-Ark 15k Inverters are amazing and so is their tech support!

I purchased 2 Sol-Ark 15k inverters from Northern Arizona Wind and Solar in Flagstaff, Arizona and had them installed by Arizona Solar Wave based in Mesa, Arizona. The install took 2 months in 2023, which is actually a reasonably short time for a solar install. The Sol-Ark inverters are performing wonderfully, and the Sol-Ark support has been Johnny on the spot when needed. They were even available on the phone on Labor Day! I have a 26kw Solar array attached to the 2 Sol-Arks, and am selling a lot of power back to APS, our power company. I wanted the Sol-Ark inverters specifically because of the excellent generator and battery integration that they feature. I would highly recommend them to anyone considering going solar. I turned down solar quotes from 12 different companies because they did not offer Sol-Ark inverters. If you are in Arizona, I highly recommend Arizona Solar Wave, owned by Bryan McCormick.

How We Help Our Partners

The Sol-Ark Installer Partner Program provides trusted installers with the resources and support needed to scale and grow their business. Installers can access valuable services depending upon achievement of certifications and sales of Sol-Ark products. From lead generation and marketing to education and engineering support to digital proposal, design and commissioning tools, Sol-Ark partners with installers every step of the way.

Lead Generation

Grow your business by receiving valuable leads from qualified prospects.

Go-to-Market Kit

Amplify your brand by accessing a full digital library of marketing assets including logos, data sheets, brochures, catalogs, infographics, vehicle stickers and more.

Sales Enablement

Close more deals by leveraging on-demand product sales presentations, ROI Energy System calculators, panel sizing and configuration tools.

Pre-and Post Sales Engineering Support

Leverage a best-in-class Engineering Team seven days a week to answer technical questions, assist with system design, provide installation guidelines, and consult on ensuring optimal performance.

Engineering Design and Permitting

Deploy your projects more efficiently and maximize the value of solar and storage by leveraging our technical experts to assist you with project modeling, design, and digital proposals.

Sol-Ark University

MySol-Ark App

Over the top customer service!

The customer service at Sol-Ark is second to none. I have been on the phone many times with the techs and was always treated like royalty. They never, not once tried to rush me off or not answer my questions. If the tech was not sure he put me on a brief hold and got the complete answer. There is not a company in the United States that has better customer service. And the products are as awesome as the customer service. Awesome support guys; you are great! I would highly recommend this product and service to everyone interested in solar.

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