Preparing Your Home for Winter-Energy Saving Tips

December 19, 2022


Preparing Your Home for Winter-Energy Saving Tips


In this article, we will show you some of the best Winter-Energy Saving Tips to get you better prepared. As we all know, another winter is right around the corner. Whether you have a solar generator or not, wasting power is a concern for all of us. We are particularly vulnerable during the winter when losing power can be terrifying and deadly. We’ve put together a few tips and tricks that may help prepare you for winter. Some are simple, yet effective techniques to conserve energy and keep your house pleasant and comfortable during the winter, and year-round. These methods, no matter how big or small, help to save power. As we pointed out, some involve just a few simple closings of doors, vents, and switches. Others may involve some much-needed upkeep to ensure their success in increasing energy efficiency of the home. Keeping the elements out is as important as keeping the heat in.

Seal and Weatherstrip

One of the easiest ways to lose heat is through doors, windows, and cracks. Simple weatherstrips and caulking can help contain the heat “inside” where it is needed and keep the unwanted elements out. Duct tape is always good to have on hand, especially in the winter. Besides its flexibility, it can help stop leaks and drafts quickly. Remember to use it only in an emergency, as the after-winter cleaning duct-taped windows is another journey. Check the attic, basement, and all insulation for holes and gaps. Make sure the fireplace opens and closes securely. You can also fold newspaper or normal paper a few times to wedge in door cracks. This will help seal off the direct pathways to the outdoors, and sometimes you can even feel the draft coming through! That’s an easy penetration point for cold to get in, or heat to get out.

Maintenance and Equipment Testing

Ensure your heating and solar battery system are ready to go when needed. Sol-Ark’s new “Limitless 15K” may help give you the power you need to help you through the winter in a safe and affordable fashion. Have your own solar generator. If you are not a DIYer, call a licensed professional and have your Solar-Battery-System and/or generator serviced, or at least looked over to make sure it’s ready for possibly strenuous conditions over the next few months. Our Sol-Ark Map may help you find a Professional nearby. It may have been a while since you’ve used certain equipment, so you’ll want to make sure you know where everything is, how to use it, and if it’s in good working condition. Servicing and replacing the filters in your HVAC system will also help optimize the efficiency and longevity of all appliances and equipment, all while delivering cleaner air.

A “Smart Thermostat

The temperature is warmer during the day and colder at night. So, why don’t you keep your house heated accordingly? A “smart thermostat” will let you set the day and evening temperatures according to your desired settings. Keeping unused rooms closed and those vents off will conserve quite a bit of power by only powering the rooms being commonly used, and your thermostat will usually be in a common room as well. I like to open the blinds and curtains and use the sun to warm and energize my home and office during the day.  Then I close these at night to help keep the heat in. I have found that many energy saving devices give you tax incentives as well. For example there may even be a rebate or installation incentive in your state for a smart thermostat.

Heat the Areas of Usage

As we stated above, something as simple as closing the vents and doors of unused rooms conserves power. Another thing you can do is use smaller “space” heaters to heat the smaller areas of use. Doing this will help keep total power consumption down. Sometimes, especially in Texas, it is hard to do. We have had some extreme colds as of late. It is also an excellent time to do some baking and take full advantage of the heat from the oven as a dual-purpose benefit. Fresh food, and a large amount of heat to quickly heat the house (and those amazing smells). Remember to leave the door ajar after use!

Dress Accordingly

Dress Accordingly to the time of year. Don’t run around in shorts and a t-shirt, because you’ll likely have to turn the thermostat way up to remain comfortable. Blankets can be used to offset turning the heat up, and this helps conserve power. Wear warm and layered clothes that keep your heat in, and insulates your body from the cold. Make sure to keep your head, hands, and feet covered, as those are all areas where heat escapes quickly. For our fellow military members out there, we definitely know how to dress and stay warm in the cold! In these post-covid times, we have learned that a simple mask can keep our faces warm. Gore-Tex gloves, boots, and accessories are great even for the most hardcore off-grid enthusiasts.

Energy Saving Accessories

Energy-saving accessories are a must to stay comfortable, but in an efficient way. Remember, when buying appliances, lighting, and other household electronics, there are many energy-saving settings built in. If you familiarize yourself with these settings and features and utilize them properly, it will be very noticeable when it comes time to pay the electricity bill. Proper efficiency measures coupled with properly sized ESS setups will take your energy savings to a whole new level, but just make sure you’re aware of your battery SOC (state of charge). Keeping power levels up in your ESS is a NECESSITY in the winter. There are many incentives in some states to help offset the difference in cost of purchasing your Energy Storage System (ESS). I also, don’t leave lights and TVs on in rooms that are not being used. It’s the small things that can make the difference. Keep warm air circulating in the rooms being used. This is a good time to have family gatherings in one room and enjoy the much-needed time together and stay warmer as a group.

In conclusion, we want you to be prepared this winter. There are many things to do to effectively prepare for winter with Winter-Energy Saving Tips. Preparation is critical; some are minor things, others are more significant, but all should be considered necessary. A solar battery system/ solar generator is another way to ensure that your family is safe over the winter. I have a Sol-Ark system in my own home. I hardly ever know when the power is out until my neighbors call me. Also, Sol-Ark, live support is here 7 days per week for your family’s security. Be Safe!

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Stay tuned as we give you more winter energy saving tips and summer energy saving tips periodically.

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