Sol-Ark Officially Launches the SA-Limitless-15K Hybrid Inverter


Plano, Texas:  Sol-Ark, a designer and manufacturer of hybrid inverters and related energy storage technologies is launching a powerful and innovative new member of its proven hybrid inverter line – the SA-Limitless-15K. The Sol-Ark team recently showcased the new inverter at InterSolar 2022 in Long Beach, California. With a strong reputation for best-in-class technology and world-class customer support, the Sol-Ark team has steadily advanced by adding real value to home and business owner’s pursuit of energy independence and resilience.  The new 15K inverter brings a new level of power and capability boasting 15,000W of continuous AC power, robust surge power (up to 24,000W (10 sec.)) as well as having three on-board MPPT controllers and two 200A battery breakers.  The SA-Limitless-15K is also scalable in both 120V/240V split phase and 120V/208V 3 phase service voltages and can stack up to twelve (12) units in parallel.

The existing Sol-Ark product family of hybrid inverters, the SA-5K, SA-8K, and SA-12K have become the ‘go-to’ industry workhorses for solar plus energy storage and the newest model, the Limitless SA-15K, has a special new feature; a 200A main switch.  The majority of homes in the U.S. have a 200A main distribution panel for their electrical service to enter the home and when combining solar PV with a powerful inverter such as the Sol-Ark 15K, homeowners can achieve new levels of control and resiliency. The SA-Limitless-15K will also have industry standard communication protocols such as OpenADR2.0, which enables customers with a way to directly participate in the energy markets and receive an ancillary revenue stream as they provide valuable backup services to the grid via utility companies and ‘VPP’ (virtual power plant) programs.

The SA-Limitless-15K will reinforce Sol-Ark’s reputation for revolutionary innovation that simultaneously drives the overall cost of solar + batteries down while also steadily improving the functionality, available power, and value-added feature set.  Sol-Ark’s steadfast mission is ‘Powering Families Through Life’ and the newest inverter is sure to be a hit with the growing residential and commercial energy storage markets.  The Sol-Ark team will be taking pre-orders from distributors on Monday morning 4/11/22 at 08:00am CST.  The new inverter is expected to be shipping in early May with all UL certifications.  For the California, Hawaii, and Puerto Rican markets, there will be an approximate 60-to-90-day delay as additional local certifications need to be obtained after the UL

About Sol-Ark

Headquartered in Plano, Texas, Sol-Ark is a solar and energy storage technology firm designing and manufacturing multiple inverter lines and load management devices.  Founded in 2013 by local U.S. Veterans with immense experience in power electronics, semiconductors, and hardware design, the Sol-Ark team was determined to prepare and protect their own families and businesses from utility power outages by providing reliable and robust solutions.  The Sol-Ark all-in-one hybrid inverters are best-in-class technology with speed, efficiency, and power as their main advantages, as well as great versatility.  Continuing to expand the innovative offering in depth and capability, Sol-Ark added string inverters and micro-inverters enabling a broad diversity of application types. The Sol-Ark mission is to continue making the most reliable, innovative, and robust solar and energy storage solutions to protect families and their businesses. We are “Powering Families Through Life™”. Dedicated to providing world-class customer support and continuing innovation, the Sol-Ark team is carrying out the vision of making solar plus energy storage affordable for all.

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