Leveraging Sol-Ark Commercial Energy Solutions for Title 24

March 12, 2024

As California aims for complete carbon neutrality by 2045, Title 24 plays a critical role in this vision, applying to most new constructions for both residential and commercial use. It can be challenging for commercial building owners to navigate these regulations and understand what the common compliance challenges are, as well as how Sol-Ark® commercial energy solutions can make meeting these new regulations simple and easy.

California Title 24What is Title 24?

Title 24 is a critical component of California’s building standards code, emphasizing energy efficiency for both new and renovated buildings, including commercial and residential properties. Its purpose is to make these structures more sustainable and cost-effective by optimizing energy use in construction materials, architectural design, and operational systems like heating, cooling, and lighting. Enforced by the California Energy Commission (CEC), Title 24 standards undergo regular updates to incorporate advancements in energy conservation technologies and methods.

These updates aim to reduce the environmental footprint of buildings, encourage the use of renewable energy sources, and support California’s broader goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and moving towards carbon neutrality. This proactive approach not only benefits the environment but also enhances the quality of indoor living spaces, ultimately contributing to a healthier, more sustainable future.

Key Goals & Objectives of California’s Title 24

  • Energy Efficiency: The regulation encompasses a wide range of components like insulation, heating and cooling systems, lighting, and water heating to enhance energy efficiency.
  • Solar Power Mandates: Recent updates require new homes to install solar panels, with specific requirements varying by building type and location.
  • Net Zero Energy (NZE) Buildings: These are buildings that produce as much energy as they consume over a year, mainly through renewable energy sources.
  • Battery Storage Systems: Recognizing the value of storing solar energy, Title 24 encourages the use of batteries to store excess solar power for use when sunlight is not available.

What Commercial & Residential Buildings Need to Comply?

Here is a list of the most common structures and buildings that, going forward, need to follow Title 24 guidelines and mandates:

  • New commercial buildings
  • New residential buildings
  • Major renovations in existing buildings
  • High-rise residential structures
  • Educational institutions
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Retail and office spaces

Common Title 24 Compliance Errors

Title 24 is complex and isn’t easy to navigate; this often leads to a few common mistakes by building owners, which can make them non-compliant with California’s energy efficiency standards. Here are some of the most common mistakes commercial and residential building owners make:

  1. Incorrect Energy Projections: Failing to accurately predict a building’s energy demand can lead to non-compliance.
  2. Neglecting System Maintenance: Poor maintenance can diminish system efficiency, risking compliance.
  3. Misinterpreting Regulations: Misunderstanding the specific requirements of Title 24 can result in implementing incorrect energy-saving measures.
  4. Overlooking Renewable Energy Opportunities: Not taking full advantage of solar and other renewable energy sources can make it difficult to meet the stringent energy reduction targets set by Title 24.
  5. Lack of Documentation: Failing to keep detailed records of the design and implementation of energy-saving measures can lead to challenges in demonstrating compliance during inspections.

Sol-Ark® Commercial Energy Storage Solutions

Sol-Ark Logo in BlackSol-Ark offers the 30K-3P and 60K-3P hybrid inverters, alongside the Limitless Lithium Battery Storage System, as robust options to meet Title 24 standards. We help reduce the complexity of meeting these standards, as well as help commercial building owners meet revenue and ROI goals by:

  • Reducing Energy Expenses: Maximizing the use of solar energy to cut down on electricity costs.
  •  Ensuring Safety and Simplifying Installation: The systems are designed for easy installation and come with integrated safety features.
  • Providing Dependable Backup Power: Offering reliable emergency power to safeguard against grid outages.
  • Facilitating System Monitoring and Maintenance: Features like built-in connectivity and dedicated support make system management straightforward.
  • Calculating Your Solar & Storage Requirements: Use Sol-Ark’s Battery Sizing and Solar Panel Tool to help make sure you have the solar panel, energy storage, and battery storage you need

Navigating Title 24 requirements might seem daunting, but with Sol-Ark’s commercial energy storage technology, it’s entirely manageable. Sol-Ark’s residential and commercial energy solutions not only help buildings meet California’s stringent energy efficiency standards but also optimize the use of solar energy, offering economic benefits. By understanding the regulations, avoiding typical mistakes, and employing advanced solar technology, building owners can contribute to California’s environmental objectives and enjoy reduced energy costs. Contact us to learn more about our solutions today.

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