Sol-Ark Awarded at Dallas 100 Entrepreneur Awards


Sol-Ark recently placed 8th position out of the 100 fastest-growing companies in the DFW area, awarded by the SMU Cox School of Business Caruth Institute for Entrepreneurship. This accomplishment reminds everyone at Sol-Ark about some of the many things that they are so proud of our team and leadership for.

This award has been given for the past 31 years by the SMU Cox School of Business. In order to qualify for the competition, the companies must be privately held and have revenue earnings between $500,000 and $100 million. These 100 companies have generated more than 9 billion in revenue from 2019-2021, and they’ve created more than 12,000 jobs. The Caruth Institute for Entrepreneurship ranks the area’s top 100 companies based on percentage of revenue growth over the previous three years. The winners represent a broad spectrum of Dallas-area businesses and entrepreneurial organizations.

Sol-Ark, the Veteran owned solar hybrid inverter manufacturer and significant disrupting force in the solar industry, has grown 300% over the past few years and has an incredible reputation of being the most innovative solar manufacturer to date.

In 2021, the company was first acknowledged by the SMU Cox business awards and given a 10th place finish. Since then, the company has doubled and moved into an almost 100,000-square-foot facility (Yes, in only one year). The major expansion lasted only a short time. In early 2023 the company is relocating again into two separate facilities totaling almost 325,000 square feet. The company will split into “Administration/Engineering” and “Production” buildings. As you can see, Sol-Ark has a bright future. Sol-Ark believes this all comes from its own “Core Values”, as well as the excellent team they’ve assembled, and continue to grow on a monthly basis.

Sol-Ark has seven prominent “Core Values” that they believe in and make sure each employee exhibits on a daily basis. These seven values are listed below:


  1. Know Your Stuff
  2. Bring the Energy
  3. Stay Grounded
  4. Reach Your Potential
  5. Radical Support
  6. Family Powered
  7. All In


These “Core Values” are depicted in the halls of the office, and in the team’s hearts. We see these values in all of our staff and routinely praise them for exhibiting these traits at the weekly huddles. Sol-Ark believes that this, and many other impressive qualities, is what separates them from the rest.

Sol-Ark has been pleased to be a part of the Dallas 100 for the past two years; however, due to the rapid expansion and continuous innovation that enables them to get into more markets, they may have outgrown the allowable yearly revenue range, and will no longer be eligible for this particular competition (starting in 2023). Sol-Ark is still a Dallas-area company that takes pride in its Core Values, hiring of U.S Veterans, and producing innovative products that continue to change people’s lives every day. Their slogan is that they are “Powering Families Through Life”, and that certainly seems to be the case. With the recent launch of the 15K hybrid inverter, and the upcoming full launch of their new 30K and 60K three-phase hybrid inverters in commercial voltages, Sol-Ark will absolutely continue to stick to their slogan within new homes and buildings all across the country.

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