Sol-Ark 15K Hybrid Inverter on CEC List


Sol-Ark 15K Hybrid Inverter on CEC List

Plano, Texas: Sol-Ark’s recently-launched 15K Hybrid Inverter has been approved for the CEC list. With California being a huge market for solar and for ESS, this is sure to be a huge expansion opportunity for this new product. Previous products such as the 12K and 8K have been on the CEC list for years, and have been common inverters to see in Californian homes that are connected to the grid. Many Sol-Ark installers have been closely following the progress of this new 15K inverter, and making the CEC list was one of the final steps they’ve all been looking for before greatly increasing their number of installs. The 15K has a 200A 5ms transfer switch built in, so this will be a very useful and fitting option for most homes.

Tom Brennan, Sol-Ark’s CEO, states, “The Sol-Ark 15K is a ‘Generator Eliminator’ and it is designed to be the best option on the market for true whole-home backup. It has higher power than the competition, is easier to install (with far fewer parts required for the end product than other similar inverters require), and the 200A 5ms built-in transfer switch really highlights the fact that it can power an entire home. Other inverters are too small and require significant time to install an 8 to 12 critical loads panel. This leaves the homeowner with only ~1/3 of the home circuits with backup. The Limitless 15K backs up 100% of the home circuits and includes enough power for typical 5-ton A/C units (we recommend a soft start). In comparison to a generator, it’s MUCH quieter, has a limitless fuel source (the sun) instead of other fuel types, and doesn’t require maintenance or frequent checkups. Our inverters are designed to last 20+ years, and they will easily pay themselves off in a shorter period than that, and then start making you money if your utility provider pays you for sending them excess power. The 26% tax credit also helps with install costs, and you won’t have the charges down the road for fuel or maintenance that generators will have. All in all, it’s a much better solution, and it provides clean power to a home in an effective way.”

Future products to look out for include a small 5K single-phase all-in-one inverter/MPPT, optimizers, and 30K three-phase hybrid, along with a fleet of products tailored for Latin American homes and markets.

About Sol-Ark

Headquartered in Plano, Texas, Sol-Ark is a solar and energy storage technology firm. Sol-Ark designs and manufactures hybrid inverters, and was founded in 2013 by local U.S. Veterans with deep experience in power electronics, semiconductors, and hardware design. The Sol-Ark founders were determined to prepare and protect their own families and businesses from utility power outages by providing a reliable and robust solar plus energy storage solution. The Sol-Ark all-in-one hybrid inverters are best-in-class technology with speed, efficiency, and power as their main advantages, as well as great versatility. The Sol- Ark mission is to continue making the most reliable, innovative, affordable solar storage solutions to protect families and their businesses. We are “Powering Families Through LifeTM”. The Sol-Ark team is dedicated to providing world-class customer support and continuing innovation as they carry out the vision of making solar plus energy storage affordable for all.

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