Solar Energy leader Sol-Ark graduates 1st class of 2021

sol-ark customer support team

Solar Energy leader Sol-Ark graduates 1st class of 2021

Solar Energy leader Sol-Ark graduates 1st class of 2021

Meet Sol-Ark’s latest graduating class of engineers as the company continues to rapidly expand its solar engineering team into 2021. Keeping our support team honed is paramount as new installers delve into the energy storage market. Sol-Ark prides itself on helping installers transition easily from “Grid tied only” Solar projects to “energy storage”. With Federal Tax Credits and the attractiveness of green energy, homeowners and businesses continue to add Solar and Solar Energy Storage to their properties. It’s our responsibility that the professionals who are installing our products have the best chance at success.

Tom Brennan congratulates the class for making it through Sol-Ark’s rigorous hiring process and training course. 10 grueling days of presentations and hands-on workshops which prepared the class for hand holding during installs, so each customer feels comfortable. Mr. Brennan teaches many of these classes himself along with Dylan Hillman, our support team director. “We want to make the customers successful in achieving their energy goals and to that end we provide 7 day a week phone support”, says Mr. Brennan.

Sol-Ark, a thought leader in innovation and trendsetter in Customer service and satisfaction in the solar industry, has several new products offerings in 2021.Without giving away too much, let us just say these innovations will save installation time and make solar storage systems more economical. Along with promoting a culture of education and knowledge, our mission is to make Solar plus storage more affordable.

Energysage, the online solar marketplace, backed by the U.S. Department of Energy, ranks solar companies as part of its mission to support informed consumers about all things solar, and Sol-Ark continues to hold its #1 spot. The company continues to out price, and outperform all of the solar companies, even the solar giant Tesla. More and more installers and consumers are choosing Sol-Ark for Solar Energy Storage. Mr. Brennan’s unique style of management, training, and continuous improvement of solar energy products is the key to Sol-Ark’s success.

2021 is turning out be a big year for Sol-Ark, with being one of the fastest growing solar companies nationwide. All solar products designed and engineered in USA and backed by Sol-Ark’s iron clad warranty. Sol-Ark’s design engineers have been recognized as some of the most talented individuals in the solar industry constantly pushing the envelope on innovation without compromising on cost or quality. Quality of products and affordability will keep Sol-Ark the new leaders in the solar industry. Stay-tuned for more exciting news about Sol-Ark’s upcoming new products here in 2021. Share this Post ☺.



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