Sol-Ark and Lithion Announce Full Communications Between Inverter and Batteries


Sol-Ark is a leading hybrid inverter manufacturer out of Plano, Texas. Their hybrid inverters boast many features; one of which is the fact that they’re battery-agnostic. This means they work with a range of different battery manufacturers and types. As long as they’re 48V battery systems, the Sol-Ark inverters will usually tie them into the solar system with ease. The 5K/8K/12K hybrid inverters are some of only a few that can successfully tie into the grid, batteries, a generator, and even other systems at the same time. The list gets much smaller when it comes to inverters that don’t require specific batteries (or already have them integrated).

Some batteries have more communication abilities than others, and Lithion’s HomeGrid batteries are great examples of batteries in this category. HomeGrid’s products are high-quality, reliable, consistent, American-made, and incredibly modular. Their LFP (Lithium Ferro Phosphate) batteries use tier 1 prismatic cells, and that directly contributes to their reliability and long life. The fully-supported communication between these batteries and inverters means that you can now get the most out of this combo, and setup and support will be of the highest caliber.

Stay tuned here for more huge news on upcoming products, collaborations, and announcements. We are ending the year strong, and we have big news coming early in 2022!


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