“I couldn’t be more happy with my decision”

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“My system is up and running and I couldn’t be more happy with my decision to work with Portable Solar LLC and installing the Sol-Ark system.

I recently decided to add a solar array system to my home, and reached out to a few different installers and manufacturers during my search. After evaluating the different systems, I decided to purchase the Sol-Ark system and to install it myself. I have no special electrical skills, other than being self-taught, do it yourself, homeowner.

The reason became clear why installing the Sol-Ark made sense for me. After discovering that the labor costs involved for installing another system by a different manufacturer was more than the total cost of the Sol-Ark system, I knew that I needed to look more carefully at this option.

After having a chance to talk with the engineers that designed the system and reviewing their installation videos online, I felt very confident that I could install the system. The part that I didn’t anticipate, was just how available the engineers at Portable Solar LLC were when needing help. I mounted my panels on my roof and also included a combiner box for a more permanent installation. They were there through the entire process and answered every question that I had about installing the components of my system. That kind of customer interaction after the sale is very rare indeed.

My system is up and running and I couldn’t be more happy with my decision to work with Portable Solar LLC and installing the Sol-Ark system. You won’t be disappointed if choosing to install this system in your home as well.”

Scott S-AL

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