The Importance of Decarbonization for Corporations Decarbonization means reducing carbon dioxide (CO₂) emissions by using low-carbon power sources, improving energy efficiency, and adopting new technologies. For companies, decarbonization is vital not only to fight climate change but also to improve operational efficiency, cut energy costs, and meet regulatory standards. Embracing decarbonization can boost brand value, […]

Over the last week, across the United States, there’s been a string of cloudy, rainy days; this affects how solar energy systems for homes and businesses can harness solar power. It’s a common concern for homeowners and businesses how to effectively harness and utilize solar energy during periods of cloudy, rainy, or low sunlight days.

In a world increasingly focused on reducing monthly electricity costs and minimizing carbon footprints, achieving energy independence has become a significant goal for many homeowners. Energy independence means relying less on traditional power grids and more on renewable energy sources, such as solar power. A key technology driving this shift is the solar hybrid inverter,

ALLEN, Texas, May 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Sol-Ark, a global leader in smart energy solutions with over six generations of hybrid inverters, announced today that businesses are decarbonizing, optimizing energy costs, and driving energy resilience with Sol-Ark’s Commercial L3 Series LimitLess Lithium™.  The system is designed to be the most efficient, scalable and cost effective

Lettuce Shine Solar Project Helps Oregon Farm Battle Climate Change Sherwood, Oregon – A pioneering research project will allow Our Table Cooperative Farm, a leading advocate for sustainable farming practices, to counter the challenges of growing heat-sensitive crops like lettuce during Oregon’s increasingly hot summers by growing them under elevated, moving solar panels. The project

Energy needs are continuously evolving, and microgrids offer a sustainable and reliable solution, providing flexibility and increased energy security. Sol-Ark® hybrid inverters play a crucial role in these systems, especially in enhancing the efficiency of both residential and commercial microgrids. The Basics: What is a Microgrid? A microgrid is essentially a small-scale power grid that

In the renewable energy landscape, virtual power plants (VPPs) and demand response programs (DR) are transforming how electricity is managed and distributed. While they share common goals of optimizing energy use and enhancing grid stability, they operate in distinctly different ways. What is a Virtual Power Plant? Virtual power plants don’t rely on a single

Keeping your solar power systems at peak performance during the summer months not only maximizes energy efficiency and savings but also extends the lifespan of the equipment. Like any complex energy storage system, they require regular maintenance to operate efficiently, especially during the summer when the sun’s rays are most potent. Maintaining solar panels and

What is a Hybrid Inverter? Hybrid inverters are an essential component of modern solar power systems. At their core, they act as a bridge between a solar panel (PV) array and the electrical grid or a battery storage system. Unlike traditional inverters, which only convert the direct current (DC) generated by solar panels into alternating

As California aims for complete carbon neutrality by 2045, Title 24 plays a critical role in this vision, applying to most new constructions for both residential and commercial use. It can be challenging for commercial building owners to navigate these regulations and understand what the common compliance challenges are, as well as how Sol-Ark® commercial

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