7 Powerful Benefits of an All-In-One Solar Generator System


If you live in an area that experiences high winds, tornadoes, hurricanes, storms or any other blackout-causing event — you’ll be familiar with the need for a generator. Even if you do not live in a location that’s prone to bad weather, the average household in the U.S. experiences a blackout every nine months. As such, you might be used to wheeling out your old dinosaur gas generator in the event of an emergency. However, they are expensive to run, potentially unsafe and not energy efficient at all. 


With our Sol-Ark All-In-One Solar Generator, you can safely convert free solar energy to use in case of a blackout. It is low maintenance, almost silent and highly energy efficient. You can pair it with solar panels and/or batteries for medical, military, grid sell, off-grid and retrofit purposes.  


About Sol-Ark

Sol-Ark is an American-Made, U.S Department of Energy Solar 2020 Semi-Finalist Winner, veteran-owned and engineering firm based in Parker, Texas. Our mission is to stop families from being vulnerable to the unpredictable grid and take power into their own hands. In the U.S., we are lucky enough to enjoy glorious sunshine for much of the year. It is a free, clean and unlimited source of energy that you should start harnessing for yourself today. 


What Is a Hybrid Inverter?

A hybrid solar inverter is a generator that takes in power from the sun and stores it in a storage system for later use.


To do this, it uses silicon solar panels that soak up photons from the sun’s rays and converts them into energy you can use. However, the power first needs to be converted from direct current to alternative current — and that is why an all-in-one generator is the most efficient option. They are excellent for your home, RV and boat, and they provide you with reliable emergency backup in case of an emergency. 


You can store energy by laying your solar panels in the sunlight and connecting them to a solar generator. Then, when you need power later on, you can pull energy from the solar inverter and power appliances. For the best results, consider getting a complete all-in-one kit.  


Why the Sol-Ark 12K Hybrid Solar Inverter?

Our Sol-Ark 12K All-In-One Solar Generator has two MPPTs and a 9000-watt continuous / 20,000-watt peak inverter and a user-friendly wiring area, so it’s simple enough to install yourself.

With our solar generator, you don’t just save money using the sun’s power instead of petrol or save money on maintenance. You also save money on installation. Plus, our friendly team of experts is on hand, seven days a week, to provide engineering support.

Call Sol-Ark today at 972-575-8875 for more information about our latest product.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Solar Generator?

Using a solar generator can benefit you and your family in so many ways. It keeps you safe and gives you peace of mind, without the need to rely on a costly and non-renewable energy source in case of an emergency. Here are the seven main benefits you will reap from using a hybrid inverter. 


1. Hardly Any Noise

Because a solar-powered generator does not use an engine, you won’t have to put up with the excessive noise you get with a traditional generator. Conventional fuel-powered generators are renowned for noise pollution as well as air pollution. Plus, there are no moving parts with a solar inverter, so that’s another noise-reducing bonus.


You might hear a slight buzzing from your inverter, but it’s minimal and never enough to cause damage or severe disruption.  


2. Use a Free and Unlimited Energy Source

Although there is an initial investment for a solar generator kit, over the long term, you will save thousands of dollars. The sun’s energy is entirely free and will not run out any time soon!


As we all know, the cost of fuel keeps going up and conventional generators require quite a lot to keep running. You’ll have significant annual savings if you switch over to solar power, which is never going to go up in price.  


3. Environmentally Friendly

We have relied on non-renewable forms of energy ever since the industrial revolution, and scientists are growing increasingly concerned that they’re going to run out. Plus, the impact burning fuel has on the planet seems to be causing harm, so industries and individuals are looking towards sustainable, renewable sources of energy. 


4. Safer

If you keep a fuel-powered generator, the chances are that you have to store fuel somewhere in your home or garage. This is one of the most dangerous items you can keep at home, especially if you have children or vulnerable adults in the house. A solar-powered generator negates this risk entirely because you have no reason to store dangerous fuel in the home. Additionally, you do not need to worry about toxic fumes with a solar inverter, whereas this is another potential hazard with a conventional generator.


5. Self Sufficient with Low Running Costs 

Unlike the fuel generator, our Sol-Ark All-In-One Solar Generator won’t require constant maintenance. It’s pretty much self-regulating, so you can set it up and let it do its thing. As such, you save money on time and maintenance, too.

6. Lightweight

Traditional generators can be heavy and almost impossible for one person to carry. Our generators are portable for most people, making installation simple. 


7. Clean Energy

Clean energy is produced without negatively impacting the atmosphere or creating environmental debt. Our American-made generators are built to last and operate using power from the sun that would otherwise go to waste. That means you can use our hybrid solar converter and rest assured that you will not be causing your children’s children problems that we could have solved today.  


Harness the Power of the Sun

If you’re ready to switch over to safe and efficient solar power to save money, call Sol-Ark today at 972-575-8875 for more information. 

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