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Solar Energy leader Sol-Ark graduates 1st class of 2021 Solar Energy leader Sol-Ark graduates 1st class of 2021 Meet Sol-Ark’s latest graduating class of engineers as the company continues to rapidly expand its solar engineering team into 2021. Keeping our support team honed is paramount as new installers delve into the energy storage market. Sol-Ark […]

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 Solar Energy 101: What is Rapid Shutdown?  Introducing Rapid Shutdown Systems By Tigo    Solar power is quickly becoming more and more mainstream these days – and why shouldn’t it? It’s considered a Green and renewable technology, which is certainly a common talking point, but it’s also become more refined, effective, efficient, and safer over

Sol-Ark and Tigo =Safety

California Faces the Largest Power Outages in History As if California doesn’t have enough struggles! While trying to rebound from the coronavirus pandemic, deadly wildfires, and facing blistering heat, California is in the middle of another dangerous crisis – blackouts. While California had record-breaking temps soaring past 110 degrees Fahrenheit (43 degrees Celsius) in some

Lights out in California Sol-Ark can help

Tigo & Sol-Ark Join Forces For Safe Solar Energy   It should come as no surprise that solar energy is quickly becoming one of the most preferred modes of renewable energy. In fact, in recent years solar energy usage among residential and commercial properties has increased significantly, with roughly 16 million American homes powered by solar energy

Tigo and Sol-Ark are a great combination
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