A Few of our Happy Customers and Pictures of their DIY Installs

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"Solar Ark was easy to install...never did anything with the panel before and it was a breeze!!!!!  The panels were simple to install as well...had it up and running in a weekend!
 The Solar Team's engineers walked me through some spots I had questions on, called me back, awesome customer service!  Great crew wouldn't do business anywhere else! Absolutely getting get the 8k! "

Steve-FL 4/2018

A Great Sol-Ark review on Survivalblog.com by James in Florida

Sol-Ark Review, by James in Florida

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My system is up and running and I couldn’t be more happy with my decision to work with Portable Solar LLC and installing the Sol-Ark system.

“I recently decided to add a solar array system to my home, and reached out to a few different installers and manufacturers during my search.  After evaluating the different systems, I decided to purchase the Sol-Ark system and to install it myself.  I have no special electrical skills, other than being a self taught, do it yourself homeowner.

The reason became clear why installing the Sol-Ark made sense for me.  After discovering that the labor costs involved for installing another system by a different manufacturer was more than the total cost of the Sol-Ark system, I knew that I needed to look more carefully at this option.

After having a chance to talk with the engineers that designed the system and reviewing their installation videos online,  I felt very confident that I could install the system.  The part that I didn’t anticipate, was just how available the engineers at Portable Solar LLC were when needing help.  I mounted my panels on my roof and also included a combiner box for a more permanent installation.  They were there through the entire process and answered every question that I had about installing the components of my system.  That kind of customer interaction after the sale is very rare indeed.

My system is up and running and I couldn’t be more happy with my decision to work with Portable Solar LLC and installing the Sol-Ark system.  You won’t be disappointed if choosing to install this system in your home as well.”
Scott S-AL 2016

With Sol-Ark, you will have peace of mind with “the most well thought out solar generator on the market.” (April 2016)Scott Hunt (Engineer775)

“Last fall we purchased and installed a portable system by Portable Solar LLC.
A few months later we were hit with an ice storm and lost electricity for 3 days with temperatures in the teens. We enjoyed having our lights working, a refrigerator running, cell phones charged.
Even with cloud cover, generated enough power with four panels and four batteries to keep us going!
You just don’t realize how much you rely on “the grid” until it’s down! -2013Charles Molyneaux-- Parker, TX

Hope these reviews are helpful.
Feel free to ask us about your special situation and/or power needs. Below is a custom configuration for a DIY install where the customer used multiple systems. Portable Solar Team

Happy Customer in Canada

During this past year, I had been researching a method to backup my 240 Volt  ¾ HP submersible water pump in the event of a power failure using solar power. Some providers said it couldn’t be done, while others wanted to charge outrageous sums of money to make it work. Last August, I came across an ad for Sol-Ark on a website, an EMP-protected inverter. I called the company in Texas, and the helpful, knowledgeable staff confirmed that their system could provide portable back-up protection for my water pump at a reasonable cost. The company actually sells complete portable kits for this kind of application. The staff answered all my questions promptly and thoroughly.

When the kit arrived on a skid by FED EX, it was well packed and arrived in perfect condition. The accompanying manual was well written and well illustrated. My local electrician had no problems installing it. Once the system was up and running, I was able to talk to the senior engineer for the company to help me learn how to operate the system under different conditions. The engineers and the display on the inverter even diagnosed a troublesome problem with my water pump that needed repair.

For a 240 V ¾ HP submersible pump, my system consists of a SOL-ARK inverter, 6 270 watt Jinko solar panels, all wiring, a helpful detailed manual and eight 125 AH gel batteries. The portable system automatically turns on when the power fails. The solar panels can be removed from the garage and installed on the lawn during daylight hours using their own portable stands to recharge the batteries. I’m very pleased with the system and how it operates.

Portable Solar provides outstanding customer service and they have been a pleasure to work with.

D Eaton, Ontario, Canada 11/22/17

Our happy customer shares the versatility of the Sol-Ark Solar Generator; A must see!- He took it camping for 3 weeks and runs his 5 fridges and freezers with it. Wow! Check out his cool Tracker too.

Jamie Liles (Nov 4 2016)

“Finally a robust and practical solar system I have been looking for. After two years of research this system goes beyond my expectation at a substantially lower cost than any other system on the market.
We wanted to keep our fridge, freezer, light, washing machine and coffee going in a long term power outage. Portable Solar was unbelievable low cost, simple to install, expandable, EMP protected and cut my electric bills. (everything the other back-up systems were not).
It’s been working automatically everyday for 15 months.”
Below is pic of DIY installChris (2015)

We have tested almost every solar unit on the market today. Portable Solar LLC is hands down the best solar generator/panel system around. They have the best prices and easy to install.
– 5 Stars

“My first choice of solar system for a tiny home” and “It’s pretty user friendly”Scott and Kellie from EcoCabins

An affordable alternative offered to our customers who want independent power solutions.
Solartime Solutions LLCAdrian Ramos

The Sol-Ark system is the best off grid/battery backup on the market today. Integrates well with the electrical grid and is easy to install and use.

Tom and his team at Portable Solar are caring people and supports their clients in all phases of the install and use of the system. I sell this system knowing that my customers are getting the best system and service for many years down the road.

Joe Mathis- Owner of Cowboy Solar

Another Great install by one of our customers in Florida- “Thank you for all you help”- James

If you are interested in solar power and acquiring a system to harness some of the energy produced by the sun, you have come to the right place. Tom Brennan and his staff at “Portable Solar” exhibit the highest of integrity and service. They produce systems of great quality and workmanship and will go above and beyond to work with you in addressing your needs and to satisfy any questions and concerns that you may have about solar energy. As a novice in the world of solar energy, I am so thankful to have someone of such great integrity, conscience and reliability to turn to for my solar energy needs. (June 2016)

Ted Harrod, TX

“Portable Solar LLC made it affordable and easy to install”
We always wanted solar energy but thought it was too complicated and too expensive. Portable Solar solved both problems and more! We love our 4 panel, 4 battery system. We get enough power from it to run a refrigerator and a lot more in an emergency, and we use t every day to reduce our electric bill. The best part is that it can be quickly and easily uninstalled and moved.
We also love it because it can be expanded to an even higher capacity system without replacing components. Portable Solar made solar simple and affordable; and it is truly portable and expandable.
We are huge fans!
Texas Resident 2014