Sol-Ark Resources for Vendors and Installers

Approved: UL1741SA Rule 21 Canada and HECO


Why Should You Use Sol-Ark Products?

  • Sell the best battery based solar inverter/generator with great margins
  • Install a product that takes a third of the time as other battery based systems
  • Free educational training by our inhouse engineers
  • Great engineering support 7 days a week
  • Sell and install the only EMP hardened system with proven 3rd party testing to 100 kv/m
  • Participate in future product research and development
  • Be a valuable part of our Team!
  • New features when you ask for them!
    • 208V-Done!
    • Stackability-Done!
    • 3 Phase-Coming soon March, 2020
  • Want more? Just ask – We’re here to listen & add features you need.
Sol-Ark 8K: Reduce Solar + Storage costs by 30-50%+
  • Boost PV energy 10-20% without increasing PV
  • Improve battery capacity 10-20%
  • Improve battery efficiency by 10-15%
  • Reduce storage inverter costs up to 30%
  • Simultaneous DC & AC Coupling to existing PV
  • Generator input & AutoStart (up to 20Kw Gen)
  • Remote diagnostic, monitoring and control to avoid site visits
  • UPS critical loads with 4ms Transfer time!


*By completing the Solar Install Verification checklist, you save time not having to troubleshoot and it is required to register the warranty!

**Call us at 972-575-8875 if you need more assistance with sizing a system or with Single Line Diagrams

Install Teams Getting Started:

Battery Information

Education and Best Practices Explained

Rapid Shutdown Information

  • Systems requiring safety functionality, such as rapid shutdown, should have TS4-F or higher on ALL modules
We do carry the TS4-F in stock
Safety: TS4-A-F (TIGO)
  • Same string design rules as traditional modules
  • Compliant with NEC 690.12 Rapid Shutdown requirements
  • Safety capability requires Cloud Connect and Gateway for communication (see Design Tool)
TIGO Optimizer information TBD
  • We tested: Do not help with shading
  • Can use for really cut-up roof designs
  • Stay Tuned for our Myth Buster style YouTube Videos

Mounting Options

Electrical Wiring Videos

Sol-Ark Small Systems

Our smaller systems for  special situations: Call for Pricing.