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All-in-One means the charge controller, A/C charger, generator controls, touchscreen display, remote monitoring, & transfer switch all built in. Some models also have battery disconnects. 

The inverter will use the most efficient power source available for the situation. Whether it is PV to Grid, battery to home, generator to battery, etc.

We strongly recommend batteries because it provides backup power and around-the-clock monitoring.

No, generators are not required but are supported. Just make sure your generator matches the output of your Sol-Ark (240 or 208).

Yes, all Sol-Ark inverters come with our iron-clad warranty and our live, 7 day engineering support.

EMP stands for Electro Magnetic Pulse. It can be caused by multiple things, but it destroys most electrical components when it happens by putting many times too much energy in a given space, overloading the electrical device’s internals.

The short answer is no. You can isolate and protect different components in a system from an EMP, but when even things like wires can spike up to hundreds of thousands of volts in just 1 meter, it’s hard to catch every component. We have put the time and effort into protecting entire systems, and not just some of the pieces.

No, it does not. Protecting the inverter doesn’t automatically protect the batteries associated with it, and that’s a big choice to consider when choosing batteries. Current lithium-ion batteries are vulnerable to EMP’s due to the BMS (battery management system) that it takes to run them properly. Consider it the brain of the system. If the BMS goes down, the batteries are worthless. Lithium Ion batteries are fantastic and perform incredibly well, but for a full EMP-hardened system, it’s best to consider another type.

Absolutely! Many of our customers that go with a fully EMP-hardened system are off-grid, and their buildings range from luxurious ranch homes to bunkers that are completely underground. We even have commercial buildings that utilize our EMP-hardened systems to protect their building and appliances.

Unfortunately, no. This particular upgrade must be done at the time of sale for your new inverter. We do these upgrades in-house, so we make sure that they leave our facility ready to be installed like a normal inverter.


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