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Our mission is making the most reliable, innovative, affordable solar storage solutions
 to protect families and their businesses.

Sol-Ark is a solar and energy storage technology firm founded in 2013 by local Veterans and security-minded power engineers.  Prior to founding Sol-Ark, the founders were determined to best prepare and protect their own families and businesses from utility power outages without reliance on hazardous fuel-based generators.  After copious research, they determined existing market solutions were cumbersome, expensive, and overly complex with very little power capability.  Additionally, they identified tremendous complacency and lack of innovation in the marketplace.  Thus, combining innovative minds and a mission to “Power Families Through Life” with or without the grid, Sol-Ark was born.  In a short time, Sol-Ark continues to erode significant market share from incumbent players, rapidly scaling its vision of being the go-to thought leader and recognized brand in the design and manufacture of solar plus energy storage solutions.  Sol-Ark’s product assembly and engineering team are all headquartered in Plano, Texas.


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