Business Runs Better
on Sun Power

Sol-Ark® provides the most advanced commercial energy storage systems in the solar energy storage industry. We provide limitless energy independence for commercial and industrial businesses.


Control your business and your power

Are you tired of high electricity bills and feeling chained to the grid? Well, break free and harness the power of the sun with a Sol-Ark® solar commercial and industrial energy storage systems.

Not only will your business save money on energy costs, but you’ll also increase your energy independence, reduce your environmental footprint, and have peace of mind knowing your office building will have power even during a power outage.

Sol-Ark® commercial energy systems have scalable, modular architecture options, you can find the perfect solar hybrid inverter to suit your office building’s needs.

And let’s be real, who doesn’t want to be known as the cool, eco-conscious business owner? Make the smart choice and go solar with Sol-Ark.


Here’s just a few of our
amazing benefits


The Sol-Ark 60-3p-480V is the best commercial hybrid inverter on the market and an affordable solution for large commercial and industrial businesses. Our engineers are also available for support 7 days/a week.


Sol-Ark engineers have created a “no-glitch transfer switch” in their units to have UPS-grade transfer speeds within milliseconds in the event of the grid going down.

Easy Install

This all-in-one unit cuts install times in half due to a user-friendly wiring area, the remote monitoring built in, and everything you need coming in one box. Our engineers are only a call away to assist with planning and answering questions during installs.


We partner with many of the big battery manufacturers in the industry, but we also work with pretty much any 48V battery system currently available.

Need more power?
No problem

Sol-Ark commercial hybrid inverters can be scaled to meet the energy needs of
different sized buildings, which allows the business owner to have
the perfect generator for their office building needs.


Mysol-ark app

All-In-One Solar
Generator System

Turn the sun into fuel to power your family’s life. Designed by defense engineers and veterans for themselves, the Sol-Ark 15K hybrid all-in-one solar generator is military-grade, 66% MORE POWERFUL and 500 TIMES FASTER than the competition. Forget about generator maintenance contracts, high fuel costs, and noise. Maintenance-free, noiseless and powered by renewable energy — the PERFECT whole-home generator replacement!

Sol-Ark is known for making top-notch products that are built to last. They don’t cut corners when it comes to quality – they use the best components and materials available, and they take great care in the design and manufacturing process. Plus, they back up their products with a 10-year warranty, which is longer than what many other companies offer. This all adds up to a product that you can feel confident will be reliable and stand the test of time.

Mysol-ark app

Remote monitoring
and control

The MySol-Ark App provides you with benefits such as the convenience of allowing you to monitor your solar energy usage and system performance from your smartphones or tablets. It can also help save costs by identifying ways to reduce energy consumption and lower bills. The app also offers performance monitoring, which can help ensure the system is operating at peak efficiency and notify you of any issues that may arise. You can rest easy knowing that you have remote monitoring and control, useful for keeping an eye on the system while being away.



Energy 101

Sol-Ark University

Are you still unsure how this all works? Check out
our energy university where we help educate you
on everything you need to know.

Ready to take control of your electricity
and become Energy Independent?

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