Our Battery Partners

Sol-Ark works with Your choice of Battery and all 48V technologies

"Sol-Ark works with any 48V battery out there but these great options also communicate to control us for best battery lifespan, % SOC accuracy, and cloud monitoring."


Benefits of Batteries

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Sol-Ark works with over 20 battery suppliers to achieve optimal energy Production and Efficiency

PCC-230 Battries

Color Touch display

120/240V 63A Breakers

  • AC In/Out: 9kW
  • AC Load Out: 20kWpk
  • Battery Temp sensor
  • Auto-Generator Start
  • PV Rapid Shut Down
  • External current sensors
  • Battery communications

The Advantages of Having a Battery System

  • Closed loop battery to inverter communication: Batt automatically adjusts inverter charging/discharging & programming under various conditions.
  • Grid Tied Mode: Sell your power to the grid
  • Meter Zero Mode: Zero your whole home power
  • Time of Use: Use batteries to avoid $ power
  • 120/240/208V
  • Smart Load: Programmable Loads for high power off-grid items saves battery capacity
  • AC Coupling: Add backup to 7kW of existing Grid Tie Installs
  • Peak Shaving: Reduces peak demand charges

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