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Connecticut Energy Storage Solutions

The Highest Earning Grid Sell Back Programs

As of now, if you live in New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts, or Rhode Island you can share power with the grid during times that it is needed. With your Solar + Battery system, you can opt-in to this program, and the utility group will do the rest! You will make substantially more money than normal grid sellback through this program, and you will be contributing to the grid’s increased stability in these areas while doing so. If you’re unhappy with this for some reason, you can opt-out at any time. The Connected Solutions Program applies to End-Users within the NH, MA, and RH service territories of National Grid, Eversource and Cape Light Compact. The CT ESS Program applies to End-Users within the Connecticut service territories of Eversource and United Illuminating. 

How Does it Work?

Opt IN

If you have a solar + storage system up and running and you'd like to opt in for selling excess power to the grid, reach out to us and get started today! It's that easy.

Send Power to the Grid

When you opt into this program, you will be rewarded for helping the Utility reduce stress on the power grid and lower New England's carbon footprint

Earn Money

It’s just like normal grid sell mode on our inverters, except that the utility provider will be the one to choose when they draw power from your system. They’ll let you know when they need power, then they’ll take an agreed upon amount, all while your system is still powering your home.

How Much Can I Make?

Connected Solutions

Connecticut Energy Storage Solutions

In most cases, your battery installer or vendor will submit the application for you. You can send us a request to enroll using the link below and we will contact your installer or vendor to let them know of your interest in ConnectedSolutions.

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