Solar Flares


Geomagnetic Storms (similar to EMP)

Solar Flares are similar to EMP in their’ destruction but occur naturally. There have been several devastating solar flares in 1859 & 1921 but it was before the electronic age. They are not predictable and we have a chance of ~1% per year. Add that up over 10 years and we have ~12% chance of massive of long term power loss / loss of life. U.S.S.R. tests showed even power cables buried underground would be burned up.

Solar Flare Examples: (similar to EMP)

NASA July 2014 report states there is approximately 12% chance of Solar Flare over the next 10 years

Hydro-Quebec Storm of 1989 was only a 1x event and affected 7Million people

Railroad Storm in 1921 was 10x bigger (10x event) than the Quebec above and affected all of North America!

 If it occurred today, blackout would last 4-10 years

Carrington Event in 1859 was 100x bigger (100x event) than above Quebec event and it was felt Worldwide

Penetrated miles into Atlantic ocean to melt telegraph cables

 Another (100x event) narrowly missed Earth July 2012

Sol-Ark E.M.P. Protection

EMP-hardened Sol-Arks handle over twice military requirements for EMP proofing. That’s over 100kV/meter!

Sol-Ark EMP Suppression system protected the Sol-Ark 8K, solar panels, and electronic appliances plugged into it.  You can Download the Testing report here 

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