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Approved: UL1741SA Rule 21 Canada and HECO -(applied to be on list)
Why Use Sol-Ark products?
  • Sell the best battery based solar inverter/generator with great margins
  • Install a product that takes a third of the time as other battery based systems
  • Free educational training by our inhouse engineers
  • Great engineering support 7 days a week
  • Sell and install the only EMP hardened system with proven 3rd party testing
  • Participate in future product research and development
  • Be a valuable part of our Team!
  • New features when you ask for them!
    • 208V April 15th
    • Stackability ETA Q1 2020
  • Want more? Just ask–We’re here to listen and add features you need.
  • Sol-Ark 8K: Reduce Solar + Storage costs by 30-50%+

    • Boost PV energy 10-20% without increasing PV
    • Improve battery capacity 10-20%
    • Improve battery efficiency by 10-15%
    • Reduce storage inverter costs up to 30%
    • Simultaneous DC & AC Coupling to existing PV
    • Generator input & AutoStart (up to 20Kw Gen)
    • Remote diagnostic & monitoring to avoid site visits
    • UPS critical loads with 4ms Transfer time!

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UL 1741 Sol-Ark 8K

UL1741SA rule 21 and HECO 

Sol-Ark 8K FCC Certificate

CEC List 

Solar Install Verification checklist and warranty/hold harmless agreement

(BY completing the Solar Install Verification checklist, you save time not having to troubleshoot and it covers you, the homeowner and Sol-Ark)

Single Line Diagram Sol-Ark 8K Example

Call us at 972-575-8875 if you need more assistance with sizing a system or single line diagrams.

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Awesome Battery Rack
Sol-Ark 8K Installed
Webinar Video Future Topics:

Battery Education

  • Different types, efficiency, cost per cycle, where to install
    • Traditional: Wet, Gel, AGM, Nickel Iron
    • Newer: Li Polymer, Li NCM, Li LFP, Carbon AGM
  • Lithium Battery Management System (BMS): advantages/drawbacks
  • Warranties: read the fine print
  • How to size battery bank
    • Depth of Discharge vs. lifespan
  • How Sol-Ark 8K Smart Load reduces battery size ~10% on Grid and 20-30% Off Grid

Coming soon:

  • Comparisons: Pika & Tesla vs. Sol-Ark 8K
  • Sol-Ark 8K wifi setup, registration, & phone app tips
  • Sol-Ark 8K customer sizing tool
  • Do optimizers Work?

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Warranty Information:

Sol-Ark 8K Warranty

PCC 230 Warranty Information

Please call for specific questions on warranty.

FOR: INSTALL Teams Getting Started

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Battery Information

PCC-230 Battery Brochure

Solar Panels

Peimar 310 Solar Panels (We add 150kV/m EMP protection to the panels if EMP package ordered)

     Education and Best Practices Explained
Rapid Shutdown information

Rapid ShutDown Brochure for NEC 2014

Rapid shutdown manual for NEC 2014

NEC 2014 RSD diagram

RSD TIGO for NEC 2017 

  • Systems requiring safety functionality, such as rapid shutdown, should have TS4-F or higher on ALL modules

We do carry the TS4-F in stock

Safety:    TS4-A-F  (TIGO)


  • Same string design rules as traditional modules
  • Compliant with NEC 690.12 Rapid Shutdown requirements
  • Safety capability requires Cloud Connect and Gateway for communication (see Design Tool)

TIGO Optimizer information TBD

  • We tested: Do not help with shading

  • Can use for really cut-up roof designs

  • Stay Tuned for our Myth Buster style YouTube Videos

Electrical Wiring Videos- More to come

Miscellaneous resources

Misc Information:

Our smaller systems for  special situations: Call for Pricing

Compare our 3K system with other products

2500W Brochure

2500W Manual