Sol-Ark Resources for Vendors and Installers

Approved: UL1741SA Rule 21 Canada and HECO -(applied to be on list)


Why Use Sol-Ark products?

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UL 1741 Sol-Ark 8K

UL1741SA rule 21 and HECO 

Sol-Ark 8K FCC Certificate

CEC List 

Solar Install Verification checklist and warranty/hold harmless agreement

(BY completing the Solar Install Verification checklist, you save time not having to troubleshoot and it covers you, the homeowner and Sol-Ark)

Single Line Diagram Sol-Ark 8K Example

Call us at 972-575-8875 if you need more assistance with sizing a system or single line diagrams.

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Brochures and Manuals

SolArk 8K Brochure 2019 Vendor

8K Install Guide Owner Manual 10-21-2019


Battery Information

PCC-230 Battery Brochure


Solar Panels

Peimar 310 Solar Panels (We add 150kV/m EMP protection to the panels if EMP package ordered)


     Education and Best Practices Explained


Previous Webinar recordings:


Rapid Shutdown information

Rapid ShutDown Brochure for NEC 2014

Rapid shutdown manual for NEC 2014

NEC 2014 RSD diagram

RSD TIGO for NEC 2017 

We do carry the TS4-F in stock



Safety:    TS4-A-F  (TIGO)





UNIRAC Ground Mount

UNIRAC Ground Mount Install Guide

Ground Mount Drawing Sheet and details

Roof Tech Install Manual

Simple Block PV Install Sheet

SimpleBlock-PV from EcoFasten Solar on Vimeo.

Federal Tax form download


Tax credit guidelines

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Link to the Eligibility site

Link to the Map-Must accept Terms first

Grant Application for UL listed product

Grant Application PDF Kept locally on our site-RD4280-3A

REAP Fact Sheet

Track your Grant application


Check rules and incentives in your state

Solar Rights in texas and other States


Ag Exempt across state lines information

Electricity Rates 2017

Misc Information:

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2500W Brochure

2500W Manual