Battery Backup Solar reduces >70% more in electric Bills than Grid Tied Solar Alone

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Sol-Ark: Reduce electric bills This is a real eye opener in what is going on with Grid-Tied Solar an effort to reduce electric bills. Just see what the electric companies do when they stop making the kind of money they used to. Remember how much your bill used to be before solar came into the picture? Solar companies are changing …

Iowa folks should get solar in 2016 before the State incentive is Gone!

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STATE Iowa PROGRAM TYPE Personal Tax Credit REBATE AMOUNT 18% SUMMARY Note: $1,157,468 in 2015 Solar Energy System Tax Credits had been awarded through May 15, 2015. An additional $1,816,406 of tax credits have been requested on applications received through April 29, 2015. Iowa offers an 18% individual tax credit for solar energy systems. Specifically, the law allows individuals to …

Sol-Ark Solar Generator: The Best Way to Screw the Electric Company

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Why Sol-Ark vis Portable Solar LLC may be the way to go in the future. Looks like Utility companies don’t want anyone hooking up third party Solar. Since the Sol-Ark is portable and stand alone without the need for smart meter or getting traditional money back from the utility company, this may be the way to go for most americans. They are trying to decrease the effect of Net Metering so you get less of a return. Great Article and lot s of information that american people need to know.

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Why are so many Conservatives, Preppers And Christians Moving To The Great Northwest?

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Thousands of Americans are flocking to “Big Sky” country, and this movement has become so prominent that it has even caught the attention of the mainstream media.  Within the last several weeks, both The Chicago Tribune and The Economist have done major articles on this phenomenon.  From all over the country, conservatives, preppers and Bible-believing Christians are moving to Montana, …

DHS Issues Warning About Vulnerabilities Of Electrical Power Infrastructure From Cyber-Attacks

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From the Science Times Jasper Nikki De La CruzJan 16, 2016 09:22 AM EST Power plants and factories are increasingly at risk by employing industrial control systems that are vulnerable to hacks. The Department of Homeland and Security’s Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team (ICS-CERT) issued this particular warning after increase in cyber-attacks occurred the past year. Industrial control …

Guilty Knowledge:

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Guilty Knowledge: What the US Government Knows about the Vulnerability of… Guilty Knowledge: What the US Government Knows about the Vulnerability of the Electric Grid, But Refuses to Fix

How to Claim the Federal 30% tax credit for Installing Solar

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Awesome, easy to follow instructions on how you can claim your 30% tax credit for installing solar power… hurry! Form 5695 instructions: the 3 steps to claim the solar tax credit Determine if you are eligible for the Federal ITC – make sure you credit for ownership and that federal tax liability are in order Complete IRS Form 5965 to …

Ted Koppel’s “Lights Out”: Devastating Attacks on the American Power Grid

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ISIS attacks in California and Paris may be just the beginning of an unprecedented plot to bring America to its knees by targeting our nation’s scandalously vulnerable electric grid, warn officials at the Pentagon and FBI. Why? Because terrorist groups like ISIS realize they can’t beat us with brute military force on the conventional battlefield. We’re way too strong for …