Sol-Ark 12K All in one inverter offers best price and options

Sol-Ark 12K leading innovation

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Sol-Ark 12K All in one inverter offers best price and options

“Sol-Ark 12K leading innovation” is not just a slogan used at the Texas headquarters, we truly strive for it everyday, while keeping innovation affordable for families.

The Sol-Ark All-In-One Hybrid inverter just got even better. Meet the new 12K or rather the 8K (version 1.5). The 12K has the features you love about the 8K like 20K peak power and EMP hardening, but adds even more features; like parallel stacking, more PV input and a standard 10-year warranty. What else can you ask for?

We introduced the new Sol-Ark 12K at the Solar Power International conference in Late September. Since then the pre-orders have been phenomenal. Sol-Ark 12K started shipping ahead of schedule which was slated to be January 2020. A nice change in the industry with delays in getting products to the market.

The engineers wanted to check all the boxes, so the 12K all-in-one hybrid design has front access points to the battery (Battery Breaker) and AC breakers. It still has 96.5% efficiency and the same form factor as the 8K. You can add up to 16.5KW of PV on the DC side and still have the AC coupling port like the 8K.

Sol-Ark 12K leading Innovation, Affordability and Shipping now!

Limitless – Parallel Stacking (Stack 2-8 Systems), Grid Sell, Meter Zero, Time of Use, Smart Load, AC Coupling, DC Coupling, Peak Shaving, 20kW Peak Power

Highly Accelerated Life Testing – Proven to last well beyond the standard 10-year warranty

Engineered, Serviced, and Tested in the USA – Talk to a US Based Engineers.

No Glitch Switch (4ms) – Fastest transfer time in the industry (True UPS for those server rooms)

Remote Programmability- Monitor and change settings remotely

Introducing 3 Phase (Q1 2020)- Bringing 3 phase power for commercial applications 

So save on copper, save on time to install and save money for you and your customers.