Severe Weather



Lightning, floods, fires, snowstorms, hurricanes, twisters and more can all cause power to go down. In a severe weather situation, your power could be out for days, weeks, even months.

It doesn’t matter if you’re directly in the eye of the storm; being connected to the grid means you are in danger of a portion of the grid anywhere near you going out because of bad weather.

Ever experienced a simple thunderstorm taking out a transformer? It can take crews a long time to restore that power…long enough for you to lose as much as $500 worth of food in your fridge or freezer.

Imagine a much more severe weather incident that leaves the power out for weeks. Sol-Ark will help you get past any such situation and help you save money at the same time.

Sol-Ark E.M.P. Protection

EMP-hardened Sol-Arks handle over twice military requirements for EMP proofing. That’s over 100kV/meter!

Sol-Ark EMP Suppression system protected the Sol-Ark 8K, solar panels, and electronic appliances plugged into it.  You can Download the Testing report here 

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