Join Endur for Beer, Batteries and Brunch

  • Leveraging Storage as a Competitive Advantage
  • Maximizing Energy Density in Cabinet Design
  • Harnessing EMP Hardening as a Value Add
  • Combining High/Low Voltage Battery Architecture 

Become a Sol-Ark Certified Installer

Learn the technical details of our residential and commercial hybrid inverter products and accessories, including design, installation, and commissioning techniques.  This program is required learning for our certified installer network. Your certification signifies your expertise, experience, and partnership with Sol-Ark.

Unlocking the Full Energy Value for C&I

A five step approach to reducing energy costs, boosting resilience and leveraging storage as a competitive advantage

  • Why hybrid inverters are taking over the market
  • How to connect EV charging to Sol-Ark inverters
  • Optimizing time-of-use settings
  • The future of battery incentives
  • Sneak Peek at the SL-14 Load Controller

NEM 3.0…Solved.

The best time to sell NEM3 is right nowLock in 10-year buyback rates today and give customers what they really want – solar with batteries. Storage is the future for both residential and commercial solutions. Sol-Ark has the best NEM3 solution on the market for home and business.

You will learn:

  • Why NEM3 is good for flexible solar contractors
  • What NEM3 settings are included in a Sol-Ark inverter
  • How Sol-Ark load control increases NEM3 savings further
  • When to ignore TOU rates for greater NEM3 benefits 
  • Unique values of Sol-Ark inverters to California
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