Driving Energy Resilience for Commercial

Sol-Ark Commercial Energy Solutions

Scalable backup power

Advanced software for monitoring and savings

Fleet-level design flexibility

Includes grid relay, controller, and fire suppression

New L3 Series LimitLess Lithium™ Battery Energy Storage System with Native 208V and 480V Options Offers Scalable Energy Storage from 40Wh to 11.5 MWh

Reduce energy costs

Ensure uninterrupted operations

Protect data and essential loads

Capacity to easily deploy EV charging stations


Easy retrofit including AC coupling interconnection port up to 2X solar capacity or DC-couple directly onto the inverter.

Ground Mount

Rugged and space efficient outdoor ratings to accommodate a wide variety of project environments with containerized or cabinet-based solutions.

Carports, EV Charging Stations, Mechatron EV Carports

DC-couple to the inverters and use the included GEN port for easy and controlled EV-charging interconnectivity.

Energy Technology Transformed

Seamless switching from grid power to backup

Modular architecture allows for effortless system expansion

Plug and Play technology simplifies installation

Take control of your energy with real-time intelligent monitoring and diagnostics

Future Proof. Battery Technology for Today and Tomorrow.

Battery technology is constantly evolving. Sol-Ark’s industry leading software architecture is purpose-built for pairing the best battery for the solution—today and in the future.

Sol-Ark’s Versatile Platform Enables Simple Expansion and Integration

Driving Commercial Energy Independence

Sol-Ark revolutionary commercial hybrid inverters simplify adding storage to commercial buildings. The Sol-Ark 30K provides native 208V three-phase electricity out-of-box, and the Sol-Ark 60K is 480V. Both include a microgrid controller, allowing savings to be optimized when grid connected and automatically isolated during power outages.

Both the 30K and 60K are stackable to 12 units of high voltage battery bank options, increasing project size and site flexibility. A multi-use port provides flexible interconnect to a variety of devices, including AC coupling, EV chargers, generator, or outdoor service panels.

Smart Load SL-14

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