Off-Grid Power for San Francisco’s First Street Tree Nursery

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In November 2023, one of Sol-Ark’s certified installers deployed a cutting-edge, off-grid commercial energy system at San Francisco’s pioneering Street Tree Nursery, an initiative of the San Francisco Department of Public Works (DPW). This project exemplifies urban environmental stewardship and energy efficiency, while enhancing the city’s landscape and promoting sustainable community development.


With over a decade of hard-won experience in the off-grid space, Sol-Ark enabled San Francisco’s DPW to swiftly implement a sustainable power solution at the nursery. By utilizing 30kW of high-efficiency solar panels coupled with our robust 30K-3P-208V hybrid inverter, the facility operates completely off-grid.

Project Overview

  • Location: San Francisco, California
  • System Components: 1x Sol-Ark 30K Hybrid inverter, 12x Deka Duration HV ESS (Energy Storage Systems)
  • System Capacity: 30 kWac output with 62 kWh storage
  • Solar Array: 30 kWdc
  • Back Generator: None
  • Application: Off-grid power for the nursery and educational center
This project not only supports San Francisco’s drive towards an eco-friendly urban environment but also brings significant economic benefits. By opting for a renewable setup, the site avoided the substantial costs associated with extending utility lines from PG&E to the location. This strategic decision resulted in savings of over $60,000 in potential utility costs, underscoring the financial viability and environmental advantages of using Sol-Ark’s technology in urban settings.


The final installation enhances the nursery’s sustainability by addressing two major aspects of environmental impact. Firstly, the Sol-Ark system reduces the carbon footprint traditionally associated with conventional energy sources while delivering reliable energy that is crucial for the daily operations of the nursery and its educational programs. Secondly, the nursery itself contributes to a greener urban environment by decreasing the operational and environmental costs associated with transporting nursery stock from distant locations. This localized approach not only reduces emissions from transportation but also supports the city’s broader sustainability goals.

Together, these elements make the project an example for cities worldwide, demonstrating the effectiveness of integrating solar power with eco-conscious operational practices to achieve comprehensive sustainability objectives. The nursery, powered by Sol-Ark’s dependable technology, not only operates more sustainably but also serves as a valuable community resource, providing training and career pathways in green jobs.

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