Tile Manufacturer Utilizes Sol-Ark BESS to Reduce $258K Diesel Costs

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In response to escalating operational costs, including a staggering $258,000 annual diesel expenditure, Pinder Tile sought a more sustainable and cost-effective solution. The goal was to enhance efficiency and sustainability in their operations, particularly in powering the heavy machinery and vehicles crucial for daily logistics and manufacturing operations utilizing solar and energy storage technology.


After careful design and selection, Island Solar Ltd installed three of Sol-Ark’s 60K hybrid inverters paired with the L3 HVR Series outdoor battery, each coupled to a PV array generating over 400kWh/day.

Project Overview

  • Location: Nassau, Bahamas
  • System Components: 3x Sol-Ark 60K Hybrid inverters, 4x L3 Series Lithium BESS
  • System Capacity: 180kWac with 240kWh of energy storage
  • Solar Array: 75.8 kW solar array per station
  • Back Generator: None
  • Application: EV charging for forklifts and heavy duty delivery vehicles
These stations efficiently charged four forklifts and two flatbed trucks, pivotal for moving materials for construction projects. This system was designed and installed by Island Solar Ltd, led by Dwayne Frazer.


“The installation proved to be seamless, and Pinder Tile is currently meeting their decarbonization targets while also being on track to significantly reduce their overall energy costs,” said Daryl Dejoy, President of Island Energy Storage, and a veteran in renewable energy with over 35 years of experience. “We consistently choose Sol-Ark inverters and now we are also utilizing Sol-Ark high voltage batteries due to the thoughtful design and seamless integration into commercial installations they provide. With Sol-Ark solutions, we find we have fewer lost production hours, faster code-compliant installations and minimal service calls. Their 7 days a week Tech Support is outstanding. I believe Sol-Ark is the industry standard for current and future solar manufacturers, dealers and installers.” Daryl Dejoy’s leadership and design expertise was instrumental in integrating robust, reliable, and American-made solar technology into the industrial operations at Pinder Tile, ensuring a substantial decrease in carbon emissions and operational costs.
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