In a remote area of the Bahamas, an innovative off-grid solar solution has been implemented to power a residential home entirely, cutting the inflated costs and environmental impact associated with running a full-time diesel generator. This project uses ultramodern technology from Sol-Ark to offer a sustainable and cost-effective energy alternative.


The installation of six Sol-Ark 12K inverters, coupled with a substantial 288 kWh lithium battery storage system from HomeGrid, provides a reliable and continuous power supply for the home. This setup is designed to handle all household energy needs without the logistical challenges and costs associated with fuel delivery in remote locations.

Project Overview

  • Location: Remote Island, Bahamas
  • System Components: 6x Sol-Ark 12K Hybrid Inverters, 12x HomeGrid STACK’D
  • System Capacity: 72 kWac output with 288kWh HomeGrid Storage
  • Solar Array: 60.8kWdc
  • Back Generator: None
  • Application: Powering a fully off-grid residential property
Sol-Ark’s technology not only enabled a seamless transition from reliance on fossil fuels but also significantly enhances energy independence. This system represents a pivotal shift towards sustainable living by harnessing solar power to meet everyday energy demands.


As a leader in the off-grid power space, this project highlights the advantages of Sol-Ark’s residential solar solutions, including reduced energy costs, decreased environmental footprint, fast installation, and deployment, as well as the elimination of logistical challenges associated with fossil fuels. It also serves as a prime example of how modern solar and energy storage technology can transform living conditions in remote locations.
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