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EMP to blame for Venezuela Blackout?

EMP To blame for Venezuela Blackout? We know the technology has existed for decades and only getting stronger. A recent article in the Washington Examiner points to why the blackout may have occurred. Venezuelan officials are blaming an “electromagnetic attack” for a power outage that swept through the country. Venezuelans suffered a wide-ranging power outage…

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Sol-Ark 8K Inverter Efficiency Tops Tesla

Sol-Ark 8K Inverter Efficiency Tops Tesla, Outback, Magnum, Pika, Solar Edge, & Sonnen   Sol-Ark® Went Head-to-Head With: Outback Radian, Magnum, Pika, SolarEdge, Tesla Powerwall, Darfon H5001, Schneider, Sonnen, Solar Inverters   Texas-engineered Sol-Ark 8K sets records for 48V battery-based inverter efficiency using innovative design that is easy to install and even easier to use. Sol-Ark…

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North Korea increasing Space presence

North Korea increasing space presence “U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said Saturday the threat of nuclear missile attack by North Korea is accelerating. Mattis accused the North of illegal and unnecessary missile and nuclear programs – and vowed to defeat any attack. (Oct. 28) AP”  As we just saw in the news yesterday, North Korea increasing…

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Cyber attacks, North Korea-EMP or Solar Flare: All can take out the electrical Grid

Cyber attacks, North Korea-EMP or Solar Flare: All can take out the electrical Grid and change our life as we know it. Whether it’s a localized events like Hurricanes and Tornados or a bigger more broad event like an EMP or Cyber attacks, our electrical grid is at risk of failing. Recent news articles have…

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Trump orders preparation for Electrical Grid Cyber Attacks

Trump Orders Preparation for Electric Grid Cyber Attacks President Trump ordered the federal government to prepare for devastating Electrical Grid Cyber Attacks against America’s electric grid. This comes due to the growing fears of foreign states that are set to carry out attacks aimed at plunging the nation into darkness. A presidential order signed Thursday…

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