West Maui Disaster Relief

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The Sol-Ark® Commitment to Community Support & Sustainable Energy Solutions

Our commitment to philanthropy is driven by a vision to support and engage with communities during their times of greatest need. Through strategic partnerships and innovative solutions, we aim to provide relief and resilience in the face of disasters. Our recent involvement in the wildfire relief efforts in West Maui exemplifies this mission as we collaborated with Greentech Renewables and the Footprint Project to deliver essential support to affected communities.

Empowering West Maui with Energy Solutions in Times of Crisis

The wildfires significantly impacted local residents, creating urgent requirements for emergency services and sustainable energy solutions. In response, we partnered with Greentech Renewables to enhance the capabilities of community relief sites such as Napili Park and Pohaku Beach Park, equipping them with efficient, solar-powered systems.
Napili Park, now operating as Nāpili Noho, serves as a crucial hub in the community. It offers a range of services including food distribution, medical care, and internet access, providing a lifeline to those affected by the Lahaina fire disaster. This initiative highlights our dedication to harnessing clean energy solutions that support both the environment and community health.

Our efforts include the installation of microgrids that replace traditional gas generators, thus eliminating harmful emissions and reducing noise pollution. These solar systems are crucial, powering essential services such as childcare and medical support at Napili Park, demonstrating the transformative power of sustainable energy in disaster response.
The collaboration with the Footprint Project, specialists in clean energy and humanitarian aid, has been vital. Their expertise has enabled the rapid and effective deployment of these systems, ensuring they adapt to meet the evolving needs of the community.

Furthermore, the joint effort with Greentech Renewables and other local entities emphasizes our collective commitment to community support and environmental stewardship. This partnership not only facilitated immediate relief but also contributed significantly to the Maui Strong Fund through the Hawaii Community Foundation, enhancing long-term recovery and resilience.
Through these initiatives, Sol-Ark underscores its dedication to empowering communities, especially in crisis situations, with innovative energy solutions that pave the way for sustainable development and enhanced community well-being. We are committed to investing in energy infrastructure that fosters the resilience and health of communities worldwide, reflecting our deep-rooted values in every project we undertake.