Solar Energy International (SEI)

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Sol-Ark® x SEI: Creating Diversity in the Renewable Energy Space

Sol-Ark is dedicated to empowering the future of renewable energy, anchored in education and diversity. We believe that knowledge is key to driving decarbonization and achieving sustainable growth. Our partnership with Solar Energy International (SEI) underscores this commitment.

SEI is committed to cultivating a diverse and inclusive solar workforce. Their goal is to combat climate change, bolster energy independence, and foster sustainable economic growth. Through comprehensive training programs, SEI prepares students and professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge to safely implement industry-leading solar technology.

Sol-Ark® Donates Inverters for SEI Training Programs

Our contributions to SEI’s training programs have been pivotal in offering hands-on learning experiences. Our donation made possible the incorporation of a Sol-Ark 12K residential energy storage system and two demonstration units into SEI’s curriculum. These systems provide students with practical experience in advanced solar technology, covering equipment specifications, installation, commissioning, programming, and performance evaluation. This direct exposure is priceless, bridging theoretical knowledge with real-world application. Several of SEI’s specialized initiatives leverage our Sol-Ark systems, including the Solar in the Schools program designed to enlighten young students about renewable energy. The Active-Duty Military and Veterans Program utilizes our technology to offer training and career opportunities to service members. Furthermore, the Women in Solar program uses our systems to promote gender diversity within the solar industry.
Our Sol-Ark systems are integral to SEI’s courses, available in both English and Spanish. Each year, these week-long courses attract roughly 50 students globally. Moreover, the systems feature prominently in photos and videos across SEI’s online and conference curriculum, reaching over 3,000 students annually.
At Sol-Ark, we take pride in backing initiatives that mirror our core values of diversity, education, and decarbonization. Our collaboration with SEI exemplifies our unwavering commitment to fostering a proficient and diverse solar workforce, poised to spearhead the transition to a more sustainable future.