Professional System Features to Consider (Frequently Asked Questions)

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We welcome DIY customers
Our engineers will help you every step of the way. If that’s still not comforting, then we have affiliate installers who can install your system.

Can you install it yourself? Including the portable solar panels?

Yes. Labor, Permits, and connection fees cost more than the hardware in Professional systems. Ours plugs into wall and is running in 30min with no fees.

Is everything included?

Solar Kits often need 2-3x more $ + labor to install. Ours includes everything but batteries!

Does it pay for itself by reducing your electric bills?

Yes – Ours uses solar panel power during the day & the Grid at night, paying for itself. 99% of the other emergency backup systems on the market only use panels when grid goes down.

Does the system run when the AC Grid goes out?

Yes. Our systems stay on like a UPS. Other Grid tie systems shut off during a power outage.

Can you Expand Battery Capacity?

We use 4 to 16 batteries = 420AH = 20KWh. Most systems have undersized batteries. Minimum 2 batteries for 1 fridge. Most users need 4.

Does it have a large (>300W) AC charger?

Our AC chargers extend battery life and can still be used completely off grid. Using the Grid to keep batteries charged will increase their’ lifespan 400% and makeup for poor solar days.

Lightning & EMP Protection?

Over a 10 year period, your chances of being affected by Lightning are ~2.5%, Solar flare ~10%, EMP is a growing threat. Solar panels & batteries are immune from EMP (we EMP harden the rest of it)

Can you Add Solar Panels?

You need ~500W in panels (2) to run a fridge. Our max 3900W which equals 15 panels

Is Panel Mounting Hardware Included?

Our self storing adjustable angle mounts allow 10-15% more power, several hours more sun, stackable portability, & include wind stakes.

Max length of solar wires?

Electronics in garage & southern facing panels in backyard need >75 feet to be free from shade trees. Our max 200 ft.

Is Solar Charge Controller Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)?

Optimizes power in even in clouds. (Ours is 60A MPPT)

Is the Inverter Pure Sine-Wave (PSW) or Modified (MSW)?

Modified Sine will not run some freezers, gas furnace, and some electronics. Pure Sine runs all. Typically <1000W in panels = MSW, >1000W in panels PSW. (We use either, depends on size of system & application)

Does AC output auto transfer between Solar & Grid?

Allows high power appliances to stay plugged into the system independent of amount of sun (Our Pure Sine systems include)

Is the Inverter Power Output >2000W?

Inverters will shut down if they exceed peak OR continuous power. Just 2 appliances or 1 microwave can kill a 2000W inverter. (Ours is 3000W Pure Sine with 6000W peak)