Tom Brennan

CEO and CTO, Sol-Ark

Unlocking the Full Energy Value for Commercial

Seamless UPS
Modular Architecture
Battery Agnostic

Flexible Hardware for Every Job Site

Whether it’s new construction, solar retrofit, site expansion, electric vehicles, or batteries only,
Sol-Ark provides hardware solutions for your entire fleet.

AC Coupling

Easily retrofit very large solar arrays and add batteries with no change to existing solar strategy.

DC Coupling

Connect solar directly, using the GEN port for EV charging or gas generator controls.

Battery Only

Target electric bill savings, provide short duration backup, and expand site capability.

Monitor and Manage Your
Energy from Anywhere

Maximize energy performance of every circuit with smart load management

Automate business backup

Optimize demand response with Peak Shaving

Analyze how much energy was made, used, stored and sold back to the grid

Check the health of the battery

Remote commissioning and settings adjustment

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