Sol-Ark Solar Generator

  • EMP Hardened

  • Quiet

  • Pays for itself

  • Off-grid ready

  • Scalable to your needs

Learn how Sol-Ark saves you money


  • If you are interested in solar power and acquiring a system to harness some of the energy produced by the sun, you have come to the right place… As a novice in the world of solar energy, I am so thankful to have someone of such great integrity, conscience and reliability to turn to for my solar energy needs.

    -Ted Harrod, TX

  • “With Sol-Ark, you will have peace of mind with “the most well thought out solar generator on the market.” “Not just EMP resistent – it’s actually EMP Hardened!”
    – Scott Hunt (Engineer775)
  • “The Sol-Ark system is the best off grid/battery backup on the market today. Integrates well with the electrical grid and is easy to install and use. ”

    – Joe Mathis

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Inverter power is less important than Idle Power

Some inverters consume 100W or more per hour x 24 hours = 2400W = 2 solar panels per day. A common 6000W inverter consumes 5 panels of energy per day without anything plugged in. Make sure the Inverter idle power is listed and less than 30W. That’s less panels and batteries you have to buy.

EMP Hardened Expandable Solar Generator System –
Providing On and Off-Grid Generator Benefits; You choose how you want to use the system. We call it “GRID INTERACTIVE”.

US Based Engineering Support


Sol-Ark a la carte ($4000)

  • Just the System

    Perfect for those who are wanting to upgrade an existing solar system

  • High Efficiency Inverter

    Our custom designed inverter has the lowest idle power of its class

  • Transportable

    Sol-Ark is easily transported to wherever you need power

  • Expandable

    Sol-Ark is expandable from small to huge. Start small and add panels and batteries when needed.

  • Grid-Interactive

    Sol-Ark intelligently switches between solar power, batteries, and the grid to insure your critcal appliances are always powered.

EMP/Solar Flare/Lightning Hardening ($900) – Optional Sol-Ark Upgrade

  • Piece of Mind

    We use proven military designs and do in house testing to ensure your power will be safe, whatever happens.

  • Protect your Appliances

    EMP package includes 10 small and 5 large suppressors for your appliances

6-Circuit Transfer Switch ($450)

  • No more extension cords

    Use your home wiring to distribute power from the Sol-Ark

  • Easy power management

    Our switch makes it easy to manage your loads

Roof Mounts ($225-$1,000)

  • Durable

    Resistant to strong winds

  • Simple Install

    Our roof mounts make it easy to install your panels

Basic Wire Package ($200)

Large Wire Package ($300)

Max Wire Package

Self-Storing Panel Stands ($100 each)

  • Portability

    Our patent pending panel stands make it easy to transport and deploy your panels to wherever you need them

  • Durable

    We make these stands in the US using high quality materials

  • Wind Resistant

    Our panel stands come with wind stakes to keep the panels firmly planted even in windy conditions

  • Adustable Angle

    Generate 10-15% more power

Customize your system

Sol-Ark is expandable to fit your needs. Try our customization tool to make Sol-Ark your ark.

Build Your Own Sol-Ark 3K

No fumes, gasoline, or maintenance
Unlike gas generators
Save on electric bills
Instantly powers your critical appliances in the event of a grid outage

Expandable from 3-15 solar panels and 4-16 batteries
Easy Install:
Setup in as little as 30 minutes.
EMP Hardened:
Uses Military Designs to protect Sol-Ark and your appliances

Powers these Essential Appliances and More!
EMP proof portable solar generator