Sol-Ark® Whole Home

Sol-Ark® 15K-2P
Hybrid Inverter

The Most Advanced Smart Home Energy Solutions
Innovative. Simple. Secure.
Sol-Ark Whole Home 15K-2P Hybrid Inverter
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Grid Down

  • Continue generating power independently from the grid during prolonged power outages or blackouts.
  • Never have to worry about how full your generator fuel tank is or manage run-times​.

No Operating

  • Minimal to no operating or maintenance costs.
  • Most user-friendly method of backing up household loads.

DC to DC Architecture

  • Maximize your battery efficiency with DC-to-DC architecture. Your same kWh batteries last longer​.
Residential Energy Storage Solutions 2x surge protection

2x Military-Grade Reliability Option

  • Exceeds military-grade standards to keep working through lightning strikes and other military-grade weapons.

EV Home

  • Charge your electric vehicle with the ability to load a single circuit.

Be Outage Ready, Reduce Energy Costs

The Sol-Ark® Whole Home hybrid inverter is the most powerful and versatile home energy storage solution on the market today. The 15K-2P hybrid solar inverter is a complete whole home backup. It can also power and charge your electric vehicles or generators and help reduce your monthly electricity bills. 

 NEM 3.0 ready, it’s designed to optimize your home’s energy usage during peak hours when electricity rates are highest. Featuring built-in Time-of-Use (TOU) functionality, with a user-friendly LCD touchscreen directly on the inverter, you can intelligently manage energy storage, grid usage, day-of-week, and seasonality based on TOU rates.  

Innovative. Simple. Secure.

Sol-Ark® Whole Home

Most Backup Power

  • 15kWac Solar
  • 12kWac Batteries
  • 200A Grid Pass-Through

Multiple Solar Options

  • 6X DC Solar Ports
  • 3X Full Sized MPPT
  • 19kW AC Coupling
  • Rapid Shutdown Controls

Flexible Battery Choice

  • 275A Battery Charger
  • 2X 48V Battery Ports
  • UL9540 Options Available

Seamless Grid Control

  • Multi-Season Time-of Day Settings
  • Automatic 5ms Transfer Time
  • Virtual Power Plant Ready

EV or Generator Ready

  • Two-Wire Start Generator
  • Automatic Shed EV Based on Time of Use
  • Single Circuit Smart Load Functionality
Sol-Ark 15K-2P Solar Hybrid Inverter

15K-2P Hybrid Inverter Product Documents

Future Proof Your System Through Battery Choice

Batteries wear out faster than inverters, and battery technology is still evolving. Sol-Ark’s platform includes your pick of UL9540 battery partners, enabling modern battery features today with easy 48V replacement down the road.

Our Preferred Battery Partners

Manage Your Energy from Anywhere with MySol-Ark

Make, Use, Save and Sell Your Own Energy

Automate Home Backup

Reduce Energy Costs

Manage & Monitor Your Power With Data-Driven Insights. With MySol-Ark, you’re in control. Track power generation, usage, and savings. Monitor and share your system’s performance to make informed decisions about your home energy consumption.

Superb All-In-One Inverter

After a very lengthy research period, I decided on the Sol-Ark 15K. I currently have the unit in service, very quick install and commissioning process. Utility did inspection and had no issues. This was one of the better units that the inspector deals with, and they seemed to like it a lot. Big plus with the built-in 200A transfer switch and not having to run a critical loads panel. Transfer time is very fast. During testing/commissioning, my lights never even blinked. Intuitive menu to change and adjust settings for time of use, battery usage/charging and getting it setup to sell back excess power to grid. I like the fact that it is pretty much battery agnostic. A BIG plus is having tech support based in the U.S. Will probably purchase and install a second 15K in the future for even more capacity.