15K Installer Promotion

"The Fine Print"

*Distributors DO NOT qualify for this promotion

  1. Sale applies to your company’s first 15K purchase from Nov. 1-Dec. 30, 2022. *Applies retroactively to 15K’s purchased before filling out the form and taking quiz, but after promotional period start date.  
  2. Must provide S/N of purchased inverter to receive the gift card.
  3. $599 will be provided in an Amazon gift card.
  4. Upon completion of the form, a video will pop up. Watch the video, and then complete the quiz before you can receive the gift card.
  5. Not required, but we strongly encourage you to place this custom Sol-Ark image on your website to show that you install them (Download Image).
  6. Form must be submitted with all items complete by end of day December 30, 2022.

$599.00 Sent to You

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